The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 1

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #1

For once in my eighteen years I get to leave the alleys of Waterdeep, though not the way one would imagine. A seven day walk to Red Larch with Maddox and Varix, two of my fellows from The Restless Hand promises to be a bore. Fellows is a poor choice of words considering I don’t trust them. Then again I trust not one member of the guild for the last few years. Both are idiots but are loyal to Novak. For all I know they are to leave my body somewhere off the side of The Long Road. Escaping this place all together is the plan but not with a dagger in my back.

The least I could do is rid the small town of those two before moving on with my life. Three lost men should mean nothing to Novak. Besides, everything I’ve ever known has been lost within Waterdeep and now it is time to lose myself in the lands surrounding it. Or maybe, just maybe, even further if luck looks upon me.

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