The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 2

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #2

Seven days. Seemed like two ten days for all I know. Novak could have gave us horses instead of being cheap as usual. It could have went by quicker if Maddox and Varix were not difficult when it came to good conversation. Them and myself are different types of people with completely different views. More than once I thought we were going to come to blows. That might have been the best for the town or myself depending on how you see it.

We waste no time getting to work once we reach Red Larch this night. Rough a couple of towners up, start to get the word out. I despise doing this even though I hold back. That look of fear in their eyes gets to me every time. Hearing those two laugh and mock our victims boils my blood. The plan is the same for tomorrow night. The following midday we start shaking down the merchants.

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