Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Review

Reviewed by JVD

Rating 4 out 5

I love Peter Parker. In my opinion, he’s the greatest hero in comics, period. My first comic I can ever recall having was Web of Spider-Man #58. It has a cover you can never forget, it’s all red and black as Spidey battles Grizzly on top of a speeding subway train. After that I was hooked. Then, I was the ripe young age of 5 years old. Elementary school had just started for me and my mind was fixated on the character. If I wasn’t a werewolf for Halloween as a child, I was Spider-Man.

Fast forward to 2002. I am 18 and it’s the end of my Senior year and Spidey was making his big screen debut. Everyone, including myself, was blown away.

Almost eighteen years later and seven Spidey films and I’m still mesmerized by the web swinger. But it’s not my hero in this movie, Miles Morales is a new spin on the character created for a new generation. Actually, four of the five Spideys are not my hero but I can’t help but love them all. Regardless, the morals and the fun are all the same. I don’t think I can talk enough about Into The Spider-Verse.

As a fan of the franchise there were a ton of surprises, it helps that I attempt to avoid anything regarding a movie I am hyped to see besides the first released trailer. On top of that, the Easter Eggs were great as a fan of Marvel. For instance, if you were quick enough to catch the names listed in any cell phone’s contact list that was shown, you would see creators who had helped make the comic franchise what it is today.

We got villains Olivia Octavius aka Doctor Octopus, Tombstone and Kingpin, none who I expected and were happy to see. I had no clue Wilson Fisk was going to be the main villain which I loved. Honestly, the character never gets enough credit for being a good Spider-Man villain. This movie proved he’s a true threat to any Spidey, even on a physical level.

On a note, Green Goblin was a cool mix of both 616 and the Ultimate version. I thought that was neat and enjoyed it.

All of alternate Spider-Men were portrayed perfectly. To me, Nicolas Cage stole the show as Noir. His character was funnier than Spider-Ham. I hope we get to see him as the character in the future. If Sony was smart, when the film releases on Blu-Ray they would give us animate shorts that dive deeper into each Spider-Man besides Miles.

I do have a question about Peter Parker who had a Spider Gut. He’s obviously not our Spider-Man. Looking at his origin and how he was afraid to have children with MJ says so. In my mind I see this is an alternate Parker after One More Day, who did not take Mephisto’s deal to save Aunt May. It understandable to see why he would not want children(Civil War, his identity known to every villain and mourning May who died because of it all) and it would drive a wedge between him and Mary Jane. In the story we do know Mayday would have been born if Mephisto’s deal was rejected. Is this the Pete that father’s Mayday Parker? I hope so because I would love to see Spider-Girl in these films hanging out with Spider-Gwen.

The action was great and is exactly what you would expect in a Spider-Man movie. It’s fast paced as Pete, Miles and the others dart and zip around their enemies in battle. It flowed smoothly with the storyline, only taking place where needed. For much of the movie, no scenes are wasted and are used to maximum potential. For instance, we all know the death of Uncle Ben or someone close to Spidey which pushes him to be the great hero. This are quickly summed up in shorts montages leaving Miles moment to take center stage when it happens toward the final act.

I know some complained about the animation which I thought was fine. In my opinion, it fits Miles Morales and expresses who he is as a teenager. If anything, you can say it fits the current times that teens live in these day. It also worked with the music in the film. My only complaint, and this could have been the projector, is that the background would sometimes be out of focus. I actually believed it was done on purpose to make you focus on the characters and important things you needed to see on screen. My friend who I seen it with agreed.

If parts of the film didn’t kick in my motion sickness I would definitely see it in 3D. If you are reading this and have not see Spider-Verse yet, I suggest you watch it this way.

My only other complains are about character designs. The first is about Kingpin, who looks like a giant black block with a face in the middle. He reminded me of a character you would see in Alice in Wonderland. Second is Scorpion’s design. It’s just horrible. If he was Alistair Smythe I could understand the design choices. But I will admit it was better than Kingpin’s by far.

The after credit scene was exciting! Miguel O’Hara is looking into the multi dimension crisis and is acting on it. After seeing Alchemax thrown in our faces through the movie my friend and I were curious if Spider-Man 2099 would make an appearance. You can only imagine our cheers when we seen him which turned to laughter as he ended up the old Spidey cartoon which forced to deal with that Peter Parker’s shenanigans.

What is great about this film and it’s post credit scene is every Spider-Man series, be it movies, cartoons or television can now be a part of this animated series of films, much like it all was in the comics. One can only hope Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland can all be a part of it.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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