The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 3

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #3

The armorsmith of The Brass Ghost was the first on the list knowing the dwarf is obviously going to make money and we can arm ourselves if needed. As usual I just stand back and let my size do my talking as Maddox and Varix give the threats. They find it funny to throw his tools in the molten iron and steel, telling him that accidents can happen from time to time. Dwarves are a stubborn and fearless lot, messing with their craft and tools is crossing the line.

He lunged at them. You could see the pride and courage in his eyes, he would rather die than let a few punks push him around. The two goofs were caught off guard but I quickly reacted and snatched him up, pinning him to the ground. Having no choice I began to punch him, pulling them as well as I could to not cause much damage while Maddox and Varix laughed, getting some kicks in for good measure. This was my chance to pocket the gold for a month’s protection on him. The two are too stupid to notice it. If they haven’t caught on to it now they never will. It’s my part of helping those The Restless Hand takes from.

Lifting the brave dwarf up, I shoved my hand in his apron and took the coin back, showing my fellow thugs the payment was made. Once again they laugh, knocked over a few items as we took our leave. Looking back as we exited I checked to make sure the old bastard was alright. Tough as he was it was a stupid move to try to take the three of us by himself. I do admire him though, if only I had the guts to do something that courageous.

He stood there with the most puzzled look on his face, not really sure as to what had just happened. Eventually he’ll catch on and that’s enough to let myself know there is some sliver of good within me.

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