The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 4

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #4

The following day we hit up The Growing Blossom. I think this was more for Maddox to get a better look at the attractive lady that we had seen opening the shop yesterday. As we enter she is quite breathtaking, her lineage strongly favoring her elf bloodline. The look on the scum’s face worries me and could spell a great deal of trouble for her. He gives her a wink and a devious smile as we head to the back. I already see where this is going as I’m remind of Jalina. Swallowing my anger, I give him a small shove forward to remind him we are here for business.

Her elven father, the local tailor and owner, is taken off guard as we enter the back. The first thing out of Maddox filthy mouth is about how beautiful his young daughter is and having a looker like her running the front doesn’t offer much in protection if they were to be robbed. I take that as my signal and I lift the owner up out of his chair, dragging him over his work table to his feet while sending tools tumbling to the floor. I see the same fear in his eyes from the passerbys our first night here. He gives a small yell and that’s all that is needed to send his daughter running to his aid.

As soon as she comes to the back Maddox takes the opportunity to snatch her up and fondle her a little. The smile on his face makes me sick. Lucky it’s only for a brief moment as the bell to the front door rings. Looking at her I grab the elf by the throat, nodding at her to go to the front desk. We all stand in silence as she deals with the customer.

Varix drops his voice as he snatches up some garments and scissors from the work table. He starts cutting them up as he tells the father how accidents could ruin his perfect daughter. Continuing with the scissors he turns to Maddox and smiles to imply something far more sinister. With my grip not being tight on the man he manages to break free and connect a swing on the jaw to shut him up. As I grab him back up the dirty dwarf lands a hard blow, briefly knocking the air from the father.

Holding him I can feel him trembling with fear. It’s enough to break him into giving to our demands. I release him to retrieve the payment from his safe. He explains he needs to get to the costumer so not to raise suspicion. As we follow him from the back he rushes to his daughter’s side to help with the lovely female looking at a dress. Maddox disturbing look at both of the girls as we pass by is the distraction I need to pass the five pieces into the half elf’s unsuspecting hand. The same puzzled looked from the armorsmith crosses her face then to my surprise she gives me a warm smile as I exit their shop.

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