The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 5

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #5

After leaving the the tailor we head to the Helm at Highsun for a few rounds of ale and some lunch. We go over the plan on what merchants to hit next then what we can do to cause a bit of trouble to the locals tonight. The conversation quickly turns to the lovely girl at The Growing Blossom. Maddox seems to be obsessed with her. Honestly, I don’t know this man at all nor do I care for him, but I can tell his intentions with her are not promising. With really no real law enforcement this could turn into terror for every young lady he sets his eyes on in Red Larch.

For an hour we have watched and waited for the barkeep to get out of site of the customers. We’ve noticed some of the barmaids coming from upstairs with supplies, figuring that is our best opportunity to shake him up. The plan is for myself to head up to block the staircase as the other break in one of the windows on the second floor. Finally the keep heads that way. Maddox and Varix quickly leave the Helm and head to the backside of the building. The short moment from them is a relief I desperately needed.

After giving the boys a few minutes to find their way in I slowly make my way to the stairs. I glance over to the copperborn at the bar. It arrived moments after we did and has not paid much attention to anything except for his drink. I don’t trust it. Novak himself is a copperborn and I guarantee this one must work for him. More than likely they are hatchlings of the same bloodline. It’s here to keep an eye on us, I just know it. That or the boss is finally on to what I’ve been doing. Either way I’ll keep my eye on it while trying to stay out of it’s sight.

It must have been a few minutes too long because the elderly man was already making his way down with haste as I made the first step. He stopped cold in his tracks, fear in his eyes and sweat covering his face. I’m not fond of roughing up the old, nothing about it feels right at all. Just above him I could see Maddox and Varix reach the top. I put my fingers to my lips to let him know to keep it quiet. He looks past me to the bar, hoping that damned dragon will come to his aid. Being paranoid of its presence, I look over my shoulder just to be safe. If it noticed us no move was made or it just seemed not to care.

The guys hook an arm each under his as I grab the human by the feet to carry the man back up to the top floor. There isn’t much of a fight in this one. With his age it’s expected. Neither of them look back in my direction so I motion to the elderly man that’s it’s going to be alright as I reach up and quietly place the coin in his apron.

As we drop him to the floor Varix gathers up the two bottles of whiskey that were dropped. Maddox starts patting down the barkeep for gold. The poor man is so scared he has pissed himself. The two laugh and make fun of his misfortune. I inform him that this payment is not enough and we will return by the week’s end for the rest.

Varix clanks the bottles together, giving a hardy laugh to insure we will drink well tonight. Good. While those two get drunk it will give me the time I need to find the greedy in town and steal from them. My own funds to pay off these merchants payments just ran out. Telling the barkeep to gather himself I get him to his feet and give him a soft shove to the stairs. Minutes later I head back down myself as the others climb back out the window. Down in the bar no one pays me no attention as I walk out the door.

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