The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 6

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #6

Hours after leaving The Helm Maddox and Varix continue to talk about the girl at at the tailor shop. They decided sharing our newly acquired drink will loosen her up before showing her a good time. Their laughs about the situation disgust me. Lost in and out of my own thoughts I don’t even realize we are heading back into the direction of The Growing Blossom.

I begin to panic, looking for something or someone to divert their attention. I over hear some merchants talking about a prince who had recently arrived, being generous to those in need. There is no time to put thought into what this could turn into but it’s just the distraction needed. I nudge Varix and point it out to him. After hearing the story we begin our search, it’s not a long one. A young, overjoyed boy exits The Helm at Highsun showing coin to his friends. We decided to set up an ambush for when they leave. As I head to the tavern to eavesdrop my partners go look for suitable locations outside of Red Larch.

As I return to the Helm the locals are in high spirits except for one, that cursed copperborn. He seems to not have moved from his stool at the bar. Damnit. That bastard Novak just had to send him. Why else would one of his kind come to Red Larch?

I take a table within earshot of this so called prince while keeping out of site of the old barkeep so not to startle him. Royalty or not, both of his companions treat him as such.
The three seem to be an interesting lot. The tall young man has polished armor and fine clothes. The way he carries himself shows confidence. He takes great pride in the attention gathered from the locals. The next is a stocky, well groomed dwarf, a very odd but curious site. Unlike his counterpart he looks a bit suspicious of those who approach but is gracious to those who introduce themselves. The third spells nothing but trouble. It’s just my luck she is attractive enough to catch Maddox’s eye. She wears a beautiful green dress that brings all attention to her long red hair. Being opposite of the males, the girl is quiet, meeting everyone with a curtsy and smile. With the furs they carry its obvious they hail from the North.

It does not take long before a gorgeous young woman comes in to see his majesty and begins to sweet talk him. He sure is generous and kind to those he doesn’t know. Also ignorant. The young prince has no clue he’s getting fooled. Unfortunately those traits are only going to get him hurt or worse if Maddox and Varix find an ambush spot.

After an hour of listening to this entertaining bluff the conversation at the table turns into trouble. Well, as I see it, hope if it succeeds. Some of the locals bring up my little band’s stint of terror and I see where this is going. The prince raises a stir in the merchants and farmers, promising that with their aid he will bring us to justice. Good. I pray he succeeds. I take my leave so not to hear their plan.

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