The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 7

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #7

The next hour I spend searching the outskirts of the town for Maddox and Varix. With no such luck I head back to The Swinging Sword Inn to find them passed out drunk. It is a reassurance that the tailor’s daughter is safe. Normally I would take this time to replenish my funds to cover the payments but with the conversation I overheard before leaving I decided to stay put. I take some of Varix gold, pay for a meal and drink and head to my room.

Red Larch is definitely a place I could spend the rest of my days. It’s quiet and trouble free except for our current endeavors. The locals definitely are kind. It has its stock of attractive ladies for sure. I could settle down, helping farm the surrounding land or build locks for the community. My talents may not stretch far but I’m more than willing to learn.

I’ll sleep tonight with hopes that this prince rallies the townspeople and halts our actions. Spending the rest of my days in a cell is better than the misfortunes I can cause with my fellow dimwits. The world is a better place without them. Without the courage to stop them, the same applies to myself.

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