The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 8

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #8

The next day word of the prince and his band of would be heroes quest to bring justice had spread like wild fire. As we three had got around to our next appointed protection offer we could not walk down a street without hearing about it. Maddox gets the bright idea that maybe we should hold off until after sunset. It seems the news has frightened him a bit. Varix tries to act the role of fearless but it’s easy to see that it false. This is a good thing.

As night falls over Red Larch we decided to set about our business. Instead of walking down the streets we see it best to sneak to Thisslehair Wagonworks. Picking the lock to the back door is too easy. You can smell liquor in the air. In the display room the owner, a rowdy halfling who is apparently drunk, is rambling on about that prince and justice. We give it a few moments to see if anyone else is there to respond. He’s alone.

Quietly as possible we make our way to the front and are in for a surprise. Not only is he here but so are two others. They are as shocked as we are to see them but we manage to get the jump on them. Though I had beat one of the humans to the front door I allowed him to get a solid blow to my face, allowing the man to escape. I gather myself to go after him but Varix halts me. He and Maddox believe no one is going to believe a drunk if there are no lights on. I’m betting that’s not true. We dim the lanterns as low as possible and I lock the front door.

Unlike his friend, the belligerent short fellow puts up an entertaining fight. After a minute of biting and clawing we finally manage to tie him to chair. His answers, besides those we don’t understand in his people’s language, give me a chuckle. Nevertheless he refuses to give in, promising those friends of Justice will stop us.

From outside I hear him, the hero. This prince has came to the rescue. As I take position behind the door the others hide behind tables and shelving. A loud thud comes from the door followed by a crash as the copperborn barrels in. Curse him. I rather take the opportunity to rid myself of him but I need to see how this plays out with Maddox and Varix.

I patiently wait to see who enters next. It’s the prince himself. Damn myself for doing this but I need them to put an end to this. He has no clue that I’m there so I take my shot, a quick jab with a dagger. Not enough to cause major harm but enough to let him know this is serious. Apparently it was more than I thought because the blow took more out of him than I expected. He seems not to care, turning to me to defend the two tied to the chairs. A truly selfless act.

The copperborn enters an all out battle with my thuggish counterparts. This tells me two things. He is cleaning up this failed business for Novak in Red Larch. Or he actually is a noble person just like the prince. Either way the town will be safe with the way he is expertly handling the my partners.

As I advance toward the prince a blur of flame rushes past me taking Varix off his feet. With the dimly lit room I’m momentarily blinded. The sound of blades clashing comes to a halt. Then a wave a nausea rolls over me, weakening my body and driving me to my knees. Looking over to the victorious copperborn I throw my hands up to surrender.

The nightmare is finally over.

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