The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 9

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #9

I would imagine a silent jail cell might be relaxing but the constant bitching and moaning of Maddox and Varix about being locked up is annoying. At least it’s a cool spring night unlike a month ago. Otherwise it would be unbearably cold. I believe I’ve deserve that though. With what I have done, not having the courage to stand up against those who force me to do so, I should be here until the end of my days. Honestly, I feel my punishment should be worse. We deserve worse. The Restless Hand as a whole deserves worse.

Most of Varix’s complaining are more fits of anger, threatening the guards who walk past during their rounds. During the third pass the agitated dwarf thought he could grab the guard as a hostage and bargain his release. His attempt was quickly thwarted and to our surprised the guard announced he was the son of the tailor. This repeatedly got his skull bashed into the cell bars. The young man gathered himself before doing too much damage. Vengeance for the tailor was served very sweetly.

This changed Maddox’s tune quickly. Before the incident he was all bluster telling the guard that The Restless Hand would bringing the Nine Hells to this town once word got to them about our capture. Now seeing how Varix unconscious and bleeding in his cell has him worried we will be here for a quite awhile. Or better yet, executed. He cries, yelling for me to find a way out. I will do no such thing. Soon his cries is all that echoes though the hallway.

Maddox is right the more I think about it. For the last few years I have not had the strength to leave this life of crime, to change by future. I have stood by letting these men, helped these monsters, cause pain to innocent people. Removing the scum in the cells I see before me, including myself, is best for this world. If the people of Red Larch push for our execution tomorrow so be it. May it not be quick for we deserve it.

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