The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 10

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #10

As the sun begins to shine through the iron bars of my cell window, the warmth on my face wakes me. The sheriff, accompanied by two guards, greet us with a slice of bread, cold porridge and water. He informs us at midday we are to stand trial against those we have wronged. The silence from us three says enough. Maybe this will finally bring attention to The Restless Hand and their operations in Waterdeep, bringing justice to Novak and his men.

Come midday the locals are silent as we approach the judge. The rattling of the heavy chains and shackles fills the room. Looking through the crowd I see the injured halfling from last night. Despite his condition he looks at us defiantly as the heroes stand behind him. There are also those that I did my best to protect from The Restless Hand. The old dwarf and the lovely daughter of the tailor look upon me with sympathy. I see the thanks in their eyes. At least I know I have achieved some good while in Novak’s clutches.

But one among them one stands out. The copperborn. His gaze is the most piercing. Not only does it fall upon us the most sternly, but slowly sweeps the locals. Not sure exactly who or what the dragon was looking for but I imagine it’s other members of the The Restless Hand. I expect them to show themselves at any moment.

As we are placed in the holding cell I expect the victims show no remorse, rightfully so for what we have done. First is Varix. The rugged dwarf disgusts me. He curses and spits toward our accusers. A guard silences him with a jab to the gut with his spear, receiving cheers from the crowd. You figured he would have learned his lesson from last night. His actions have him quickly sentenced and removed.

Maddox is next to stand before them. Despite the consequences of what is to come, even after the testimonies against Varix, he continues to still have eyes of lust and worse toward the beautiful half elf. As the guard shoves the dwarf back into our holding cell dread washes over the man’s face. I would, too, if her brother was staring at me with dangerous eyes while bringing me to my feet. Maddox hangs his head in fear, daring not to look up to catch the guard’s gaze while he faces his accusers.

I approach last. Staring at the floor I feel the weight of the eyes upon me. I dare not to look up until a soft voice speaks. It’s the daughter of the tailor. I’m confused as she defends me, telling everyone of how I used my own coin for them. She is followed by the armorsmith, who gave his account of how confused he was by my actions but hours later understood what had happen. Then came the barkeep and even his friend who I let escape the shop. Though they speak of my good deeds I am too ashamed to look at them, there was no honor in my actions.

The prince decides to speak up in my defense, asking the judge to release me into his company’s custody. Our victims agree to this followed by the judge allowing such. The half elf daughter cheers as the the others in front of me clap to their approval. I look up to see the nods and smiles.

I’m torn by this, not sure what to think of this unexpected event. I’ve gone from one unwanted group to another. One would think it is a good thing since I am released to the heroes of Red Larch. But there is one problem, that cursed copperborn. I don’t trust him and now I’m under his watchful eye.

Damn the luck.

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