The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 11

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #11

The young man introduces himself first as Prince Amon Amarth followed by his cohorts, a dwarf named Henry and a young human female who goes by Charlotte. The magic weaver, the one who sickened me last night, is called Lithia Muun. Lastly, the one I do not trust, the one who reminds me of Novak, goes by Balasar. Amon goes on to tell me that I am not a slave, that I will be treated as an equal because of the good that I have done for these people before us. He is shocked that I tell him that it is not true, I have been placed into his custody by the judge and sheriff, therefore I am at his command and mercy. For all that it matters I have been traded from the hands of one man to another, a constant in my life.

Sheriff Lothric approaches and offers these heroes of Red Larch some work. There is a group of bandits outside of town who are terrorizing and stealing from caravans. They all agree to the job and decide to meet for dinner to discuss the details. At least something good is already coming out of this, I do not trust authority figures. From my experience they can be just as corrupt as Novak. Now I can find out if this man has any ties to The Restless Hand or more importantly, if he employs these bandits. If I have learned anything in the back alleys of Waterdeep it’s usually that authority figures work with the scum of their towns to make some extra coin.

While walking the streets to kill time before the meeting Lithia sees a heavily armed trio that catches her curious eye. Knowing that she has the prince already hooked to her bidding, the rest of us follow Muun to the home of the sheriff where the three had entered. Though Lothric seems surprised to see us as the door is opened, he is quick to invite us inside. As soon as I meet the gaze of the men inside I quickly lose my nerve. They have to be powerful authority figures from outside of Red Larch, possibly holy warriors judging by their symbols on their armor. Shutting out the conversation I look over the home for a way to escape. Then it dawns upon me, I don’t have to run. I test Amon’s words to see if they are true. The young prince is quite foolish letting me step outside with no one to keep eyes on me.

After a few minutes by myself to see if anyone bothers to check on me, I take my leave. For once in my life I am free.

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