The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 12

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s journal
Entry #12

Freedom. Something I have wanted for the last few years. Freedom from the memory of Remy and Jalina. Freedom from Novak and The Restless Hand. Freedom from the past.

As I walk out of Red Larch with the first smile on my face in a long time something is off. I cannot let go of the image of all those strangers defending me for the good I done. Should I go back and thank them each for what they done? I honestly do not owe them anything, if not for me they would have lost most or all of their coin. In the end we are even with one another but for some reason that does not sit right with me. If I am to start life over I might as well do so thanking those who allowed me my freedom the gratitude they deserve.

I make my way from shop to shop, to my surprised each one of them are excited to see me. I see how grateful they are for my deeds. They even go so far as to call me a hero.


That brings back that smile on my face. It’s nice to know the appreciation of one’s actions from a stranger. I cannot help but tell them they are just as much as a hero as I am. It took courage to do what we both have done for each other. This is a wondrous common bond that leaves me with a great feeling. As I said before, I could live in Red Larch. Maybe I should.

My last stop is at The Growing Blossom. Both the tailor and daughter are grateful that I stopped by before I left. Of all of those I have saved these two are the most grateful it seems. My guess is because the possibility of what could have happen with Maddox and this lovely lady. The joy I feel getting lost in the excitement and gratitude they display is overwhelming. Then I realize my mistake.

I plan on leaving this town with Maddox and Varix still alive.

What in the Nine Hells was I thinking? If those two manage to get free of their cells they will surely take their frustrations out on those who defended me earlier. I cannot let this happen.

Tonight I put an end to them.

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