The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 13

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s journal
Entry #13

It is past midnight and Red Larch has settled down for the night. All is quiet which is somewhat unsettling to me. In Waterdeep there are sounds to be heard at all hours of the night, an advantage to those like myself who stalk through the shadows. But here there is no one around to catch you so it evens out. In the end I find the silence of the town peaceful.

The same goes for the town’s small jail, it is quiet. I creep around the walls, peeking through the bars to find which cell holds my former partners. I find them asleep, just as I was hoping for. Now for the hard part, getting past the guards.

The good thing about a small town like Red Larch is there are not many guards, just those who look over what is important, running the militia and overseeing the jail. What is bad is those few guards are in command of a small area which makes it easier to be caught. I try to get a good look at the three of them, to see if one of them is the tailor’s son. No luck there, I was betting he would be more than willing to turn a blind eye to myself and my dagger. With the layout of the jail I rather not take any chances of getting caught.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When The Restless Hand had a member locked up their loyalty or deceit was rewarded. Those who were traitors met a horrible fate. One of us, if the window to the cells were big enough, would toss a lit lantern upon them in their sleep. Regardless of the result Novak’s message was well delivered.

Bad thing is, the space between the bars in the cell window are too small but I can easily remedy that.

After taking my time to retrieve two bottles of liquor from The Helm I question my actions. I have killed before in self defense and in battle which is understandable. Murder though does not set will with me. I am not a saint, I have murdered before but only because I had no choice, being forced by Novak’s hand. But this has to be done, a message must be sent.

I find both Maddox and Varix still asleep in their cells. Thinking of what those two could do I do not hesitate to light both molotovs. Slipping them through the bars I toss one to each side. The squeeze is tighter than I expect and my first is off the mark. The bottle just misses the edge of the bed frame, bursting on the floor. Lucky for me the flames quickly rise to the mattress and catch Maddox’s arm.

The second one I adjust for perfectly and it hits the wall right above Varix, dosing him and the mattress in alcohol and flames. By this time Maddox is screaming in pain, which has already alerted the guards. I’m not sure if he seen me but the message is clear. They may think this is the work of Novak. With luck this will be true and they will think The Restless Hand has taken me out as well.

Looking over my shoulder as I leave I take no pride in their screams as smoke rolls out of the cell window. But sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to protect those who you have come to care about. I have already lost those who cared for me in the past. Tonight, I preserve those who will care for me in the future.

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