The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 14

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #14

This Prince Amon and his entourage of heroes are too easy to eavesdrop on and follow. Just last night before my trip to the jail I had stopped by to listen in on the dinner conversation with Sheriff Lothric. He wants them to head outside of town to track down some bandits who have been attacking caravans heading to and from Red Larch. Before my imprisonment I had heard about these incidents, assuming they must be part of The Restless Hand. This is the perfect opportunity to see if I am right.

Hours into the trek I realize that it is much more difficult to hide in the forest while tailing someone than it is inside city walls. Limbs are always catching your clothes. The crunch of twigs and dead leaves can easily give away your position. To make it worse it’s daylight and not a cloud in the sky. This is going to take much practice to master.

The hero’s plan is to pose as a small merchant wagon in hopes to draw attention. It should work. With my advantage of hiding a hard javelin’s throw away, the bandits advantage of surprise will be easily spoiled.

All I hear is Amarth yelling for me to come out of the woods, pulling me away from my thoughts.

Surely this naive fool did not see me. Better yet, if he did why would he call me out like that? Does he not know its best to leave me out here to his advantage?

Then he yells again.

Damn the Nine Hells.

I march to the wagon, wasting no time letting the young prince know how senseless and foolish it is to call out my position knowing these bandits are skilled at hiding on these roads. Then he drops the surprise on me that catches me off guard. Henry had been watching me. He knew I had been following them for hours.

Before I could even turn my frustrations toward the dwarf the quarrels came from the area I had been hiding from. Being caught up in my anger I never seen the two of them hiding just off the road. Just as I feel the sting in my shoulder Lithia cries out as the other bolt impales her thigh.

As I turn to face our attackers Balasar has engaged a dwarf while a human charges in my direction. I hear Amon’s heavy boots stepping up behind me as he orders Muun to get behind him.

The wide swings of the copperborn’s greataxe are powerful but are slow, allowing the bandit to evade his attacks. Being the quicker of the two his shortsword strikes hit their mark but have little affect. Balasar’s armor is too strong.

My foe and I trade blows, we both seem to gain no equal footing in the fight, our rings of steel echoing through the woods. I hear the crackle of energy fly from my left from Lithia’s hand, crashing into the bandit and destroying a portion of his armor. Taking the opening I attack the wounded human, opening his defense with my cutlass and plunging my dagger into his ribs.

Seeing that we have numbers on the remaining bandit, Amon rushes to the aid of Balasar as I dodge a swing from the dwarf’s longsword to set up a flank. I can see he knows defeat is coming. The fight ends quickly.

Prince Amarth is pleased at the teamwork we display and begins to congratulate us but I swiftly cut him off. I continue to question his and Henry’s decision of calling me out. If not for that these bandits might not have had the jump on us. We could have made quick work of this with no injuries. I can feel everyone else’s eyes on me but no one speaks in his defense as I go on. Not even Henry, who had been the only one to spot my location.

Despite my harsh tone it seems I have talked some sense into Amon. He sees the flaw in his actions and owns them, vows to be more open and thoughtful in the process of improvising plans from here forward. The Prince is not the smartest but we shall see if this holds true.

We search over the bandits, taking what we can use. I discretely check the left forearms all the way up to their chest. There is no brand. The only thing the signifies who they are is an unfamiliar emblem that represents fire.

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