The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 15

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s journal
Entry #15

As night falls we decide to set up camp not too far off of the road. I search around the area for signs of trouble as the other set up camp. My distrust of Balasar is beginning to make me paranoid. It is as if that damned copperborn’s eyes are always following me. Now that I’m in league with Amon Amarth it is not necessarily a bad thing, I can keep my eye on the bastard as well.

Sitting around the fire I am not much for small talk but I do listen to what the others have to say. It is important to know everything I can about them. I have no doubt the prince’s oath of heroism is true but this Lithia girl could cause problems with that vow. She is definitely up to something.

As everyone settles down I volunteer for the first watch. The forest is an unfamiliar territory for me. There are plenty of shadows to hide in but sounds bounce off all the trees. That could be an issue. Also I have no knowledge of the beasts that roam the area. I have never set foot outside Waterdeep so I would be clueless as what to do when face to face with one. For that reason alone I do my best to set my post, and my sleeping spot, up in some branches.

My decision to do so quickly pays off. Just after an hour into my watch a terrifying roar fills the night air. Having the advantage of high ground I look toward the general direction it came from, hoping to spot the unseen horror before it attacks the camp. A small area of the forest is lit up. As I hear the beast again something below me stirs giving me quite the scare. Lithia has heard the beast as well. It is hard to tell if she is curious or worried but she waste no time in getting Amon to accompany her in investigating. The prince ask me to come but I am not a fool who runs toward unknown danger.

Soon after the rest of the camp as been awakened by the ungodly sounds. After inquiring where Amarth and Muun are Balasar marches toward the roars.

Damn him! Prince Amon maybe a fool but I cannot allow someone who has dedicated his life to good to be alone, and in the dark and unknown no less, with two people who I have no trust in.

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