The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 16

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #16

It does not take long before we catch up with Amon and Lithia. Just ahead of them is a blazing fire and with it a caged, angry bear. As they approach an arrow lands before their feet. Two men reveal themselves, an elf emerges from a small cave mouth while his partner, a human, reveals himself from the brush on the opposite side of the wild animal and his partner.

This situation is why I was so angry with Amarth earlier today. Neither him nor the girl notice the other human hiding with a bow trained on them. Both of them start to question the bandits, who they are and why the have the caged bear. I point the hidden bandit out to the copperborn and inform him of my plan.

As I circle around the small hill where the cave mouth opens for the unseen assassin the battle erupts. The unsettling roar of the bear against Balasar’s own stand out among the clash of steel and the sizzling of Lithia’s magic being hurled. The song it all makes is maddening.

I reach my foe just as he begins notching an arrow. The human is so caught up in the melee in front of him he that has no clue I have snuck up behind him. Knowing we need answers I crack him in the back of the skull with the hilt of my cutlass, knocking him unconscious. Seeing that the three heroes of Red Larch have the battle in hand I tie the bandit up.

The carnage of combat has agitated the bear even more. As soon as I emerge with the third bandit from the woods the animal breaks open the door and attacks the close target, my prisoner. Before I can even act the creature is atop the human, crushing his skull in its large mouth. It raises its head high to the night sky, unleashing a deafening roar. As if it is some challenge Balasar marches toward the creature but Lithia halts his approach. Then the most insane thing happens, she reaches out for the wild animal!

All I can think about is that Muun is about to die but I am so fixated on the scene I dare not move. The bear, maw dripping with blood and saliva, a crazed look in its eyes, looks like a butcher of men compared to her small size. Her hand inches closer and the beast roars again, surprisingly she remains calm. Letting her hand gently touch under its chin, she streaks the blood down the fur of its neck as she continues to pet the monster. In a few moments calm settles over the bear and with a snort it runs into the dark of the forest.

As I have stated already, I not trust Lithia. She has a tongue of silver and summons magic to her aid. Now she is the beauty who sways the beast. Despite my feelings about her, I hope she proves true to cause of Prince Amon Amarth Frost. A woman of her talents can prove quite useful.

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