The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 17

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #17

After a night’s rest and a mission accomplished we head back toward Red Larch. All the bandits wore the same emblem, one of fire. We are not sure if any remain in the area but surely they would have ambushed us during our sleep. Amon is satisfied with what we have found and feels that it is good enough for Sheriff Lothric.

Taking the lead ahead of our wagon to scout I notice a carriage far up the road heading toward town. Being curious of who they maybe I make haste as much as possible without trying to give away my position. For all I know this could be the remainder of these fire bandits.

As I come into clear view of the carriage it is well crafted with designs from an expert painter. Not what I expected to see when I caught up to them, must be someone of wealth or importance.

Then I see it, the brand on the forearm of the driver, the mark of The Restless Hand.

Fear is a powerful weapon. Novak and his organization has used it against me for years. I believe I will never rid myself of such a crippling emotion. My breath leaves me. Cold sweat trickles down my face. The will to move my body has failed. My mind races. I am completely defenseless as the carriage travels on.

Seconds feel like minutes. Minutes seem like hours. Falling to my hands and knees I wait for the dagger to pierce my heart from behind. Everything goes black.

Not sure how many hours passed by but I awake still locked in the fear of knowing The Restless Hand travels to Red Larch. My first thought is to run. The townfolks must think by now that I have fled. With Maddox and Varix consumed by the fire I can hope Novak will not come searching for me. I gather myself and head out.

It does not take long for guilt to sting me. With what those innocent townsfolk done for me proved that there is good in this world that Novak has not corrupted yet. If he seeks to bring Red Larch under his influence I will stop it. The question is how.

Amon. He will be figurehead of this crusade. I know he can rally the people to my cause. The foremost problem is speaking with him alone without no one knowing my whereabouts.

Second is that bastard copperborn, Balasar. Ever since I arrived at Red Larch he has been here. Then he just so happens to ally himself with an unknown prince who catches the attention of the commoners. And now The Restless Hand has come town. He has to have ties to Novak, it is too obvious not to be true.

I make it back to Red Larch late into the night. While skirting town it does not take long to find who I needed to see. A fog darker than the blackest depths rolls over the jail. Energy ripples through the cloud as screams rings out from it. The guard, those inside and those who charge the fog, are thrown from it with great force. They all helpless against this unknown power.

That fear takes control of me again. Novak has arrived.

My instincts kick in, forcing me to run and find the best place to hide. I try to gather myself, attempt to control the fear with my hatred for this copperborn, for the dragon who has controlled every action for my entire life. I think about Remy’s lifeless body tied to that post. I can hear Jalina’s pleas as I am held down while she is taken from me.

Novak’s reign of corruption must end. Tomorrow I hold no secrets from Prince Amon. I have to convince him to aid me.

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