The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 18

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s journal
Entry #18

After the destruction of the jail the heroes of Red Larch are more than willing to assist in its rebuild. With all the townsfolk focused on that I take the opportunity to have Charlotte, Prince Amon’s horse and supplies caretaker, to tell him to meet me in his room. I express to tell him and only him so no others may know where he is heading. Not sure who is watching and listening I hide myself in the armoire. As ridiculous as it sounds it is the only ambush spot in an inn room.

As he arrives I wait to see if anyone follows him. After a few minutes I step out to give him a scare. Good. With what I am about to reveal to him he should be. He has no clue of the magnitude of what is sinking its claws into this town.

He starts questioning where did I go yesterday and where I have been. It is not really accusations but curiosity if anything. I am assuming after my actions during the extortion of the people and the ordeal with the bandits there is trust building. The gods know we will need it.

I start with the carriage and the destruction of the jail. Then I hold no secrets from him, I reveal my ties with The Restless Hand. As I peek through the curtains of his window I see Novak, who I point out as the leader, talking with the sheriff, explaining to him that I do not trust Lothric. I go on to tell him what I know of the copperborn and how I believe Balasar has ties to him.

Then something unexpected happens. Amon opens up to me, telling the recent story of his country and their troubles, how he journeys to better himself and to return home a greater man. Much of his town’s former dilemma reminds me of my younger life, both the good and the bad. In a sense I can relate to his tale.

As expected he agrees to help. I do warn him not to trust anyone with what we have spoke about, not to trust even myself if he is to challenge Novak and his organization. He makes me a promise not to which I honestly believe.

Then he hands me a letter that mysterious ended up in his room this morning. Whoever it was is expertly good as breaking and entering seeing the the prince never heard them enter. It does not give any information as to who may have left it but all it basically says is to keep up the good work.

We now know someone has taken interest in the heroes of Red Larch. What worries me is I am not so sure that is a good thing now that Novak and The Restless Hand have arrived.

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