The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 19

These events take place before the Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s journal
Entry #19

That night the heroes of Red Larch head out for another mission given to them by Sheriff Lothric. As I pointed out earlier to Prince Amon, he has to be in league with Novak. This is twice he has sent us away from the town, once before The Restless Hand’s arrival and now after they are here. I do not trust him.

Even though Amarth knows I am following them he has learned not to say anything. If Henry has noticed he seems to be keeping it to himself or the prince has told him what I had revealed to him earlier. If so, we will have a very unpleasant conversation down the road.

By what I have overheard there is a loud screeching sound scaring the locals and travelers north of town in the Sumber Hills. Being noble and heroic, Amon agrees and his party blindly follows. This is one of the many things he is going to have to learn, deception and lies. I had figured after our conversation in his room this day that he would want to stay and keep the townsfolk safe by keeping close. Instead he decides to move away while the evil is right in front of him. I may have to do something about the sheriff myself.

Just as we begin entering the northern hills it does not take long before we come across a cave mouth in the hillside. The heroes decided this is just as good as any place to start their investigation. What they do not realize is that we are not alone, someone is watching. The largest man I have ever seen cautiously approaches them from above the cave.

Little does he know that I see him.

I let my arrow fly, hitting its mark in the left shoulder. With a shout that seems more out of frustration than pain, it leaps down and charges the group, unaware of my location. Balasar meets the giant man head on as Amon protects Lithia who begins to hurl spells.

The man seems more monster than human, the amount of damage it takes is ungodly compared to mortal men. Between the cuts of the axe and burns of magic it fights fearlessly. The melee with the copperborn makes it hard to aim but finally a manage to take it down with an arrow to the back of head.

Seeing it is down and my task is done I reveal my location to the others. A stupid mistake on my behalf. I never noticed the goblin who has snuck up in front of me. The little bastard leaps from the brush bearing a wide smile full of sharp teeth, a crazed look in its eyes. It swipes at my legs, cutting one of my thighs with its jagged blade.

As the heroes move to assist me another has emerged from the hillside, sneaking up on Amon and Lithia. As I warn them of its approach I kick out with my wounded leg to knock the goblin backwards, giving me time draw my cutlass and slice the nuisance down.

Looking back toward the heroes I see a flash of fire leap from the prince’s hands. The goblin stumbles backwards, screaming in agony for a brief moment before collapsing.

All look upon Amon Amarth with shock and confusion but none are in more disbelief than himself.

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