The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 22

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #22

Amon throws a heavy punch. Henry does not try to avoid the attack, accepting what is to come for what he has done. As he falls to the dirt the prince screams in rage and jumps on the dwarf. Knowing where the shame and regret is coming from I pull Amarth from his caretaker.

He, too, begins to cry as he demands answers.

It is clear that it is not easy for either of them. The tale may just cripple these heroes before they even have a chance at taking The Restless Hand down. Henry tells him how Novak came to his small clan of blacksmiths years ago with an offer, a trade of fine weapons for protection from the beasts and other foul things that roamed the area of their home so they could focus on their craft. They believed it to be a simple deal and agreed.

Soon things started to take a twisted turn. Novak started using his act of kindness without payment against them. Eventually this lead to him demanding they make lesser quality for the surrounding lands they supplied. Quickly their clan found out the copperborn bastard were using their superior weapons against these folk, attempting to take over their villages and towns.

Then The Restless Hand did what they do best, they used the lives of Henry’s fellow clansmen as bargaining chips. As long as Novak’s demands were met, no harm would come to a single dwarf.

Eventually some of the more talented blacksmiths, such as Henry, were placed into kingdoms as moles. There they would infiltrate those who ruled to feed information to The Restless Hand to coordinate assaults against the defenses set in place.

Growing close to King Amarth and his family, the dwarf decided he had enough and began misinforming Novak about the kingdom’s strategies. In time victory was achieved but at a personal loss. Henry was the last of his clansmen alive.

After a moment of silence Amon embraces Henry causing the dwarf to sob. All is forgiven as the prince now knows the influence and corruption that is Novak. Hopefully everyone now knows what is at stake.

Surprisingly, Lithia speaks up and what comes out of her mouth hits me hard. She tells Balasar his grandfather was looking for him back in Red Larch, that she had spoke with him during the reconstruction of the jail earlier in the day. The old copperborn had asked her to bring the Waterdeep guard to him once she had found him. Henry confirms it, saying as soon as he had saw Novak he had left, thinking the leader of The Restless Hand was searching for him.

Maybe I was correct with Balasar having ties to that bastard, just not in the way I had thought.

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