The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 23

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #23

The night is calm and quiet. None speak or sit close to one another except for Prince Amon and Henry. Though I cannot hear it, their body language tells that the conversation is personal so I do not eavesdrop. When it is over they embrace and the dwarf walks toward me.

He asks if an extra set of eyes is required for guard duty. After tonight’s surprise how can I refuse? Also, I have now met someone who was at one time has been held in the grasp of Novak for years. In a sense the dwarf still is. We are kindred spirits and I welcome the conversation to come.

There is no beating around the bush with what is about to be discussed. Both of us know what needs to be said, Henry does not wait for any type of notion that I am ready. He simply ask how I got involved with The Restless Hand.

I tell him everything.

I start with the orphanage and not knowing anything about my parents and why the women there gave me my name. I hold back the tears as I speak of Remy and Jalina, revealing how my two friends and myself were used by The Restless Hand, being forced into their guild. The tears fall while recalling Remy’s death which led to me trying to kill Novak. Following it up with how the copperborn took Jalina from me, using her as a bargaining chip, forcing me to do his bidding.

Henry looks at me with sadness in his eyes, as if knowing my loss. He goes into more detail about his clan and the ordeal with Novak. Then he talks about Amon which plays into more about why the prince is the way he is.

The dwarf speaks of how untrained Amarth is, how his sparring partners would fake their losses to him which has lead him to a false sense of his abilities. After the war Amon’s father asked Henry to take his son away in hopes to teach him the ways of the world not only through steel, but with the ways of diplomacy as well.

He explains why the prince prefers the shield and defending those who need it than striking those back with his sword. It all leads back to how the war has affect his perception of the world and its people. He feels a strong need to be their wall. Then Henry ask if I can help with training him to use the sword. If Amon is to bring down Novak and The Restless Hand I will need to, we all will.

More importantly the dwarf ask if I could watch over the boy. He points out his nativity toward people and how I have already begun to show him that. After tonight there is no question that I will.

We put our knowledge of Novak together to formulate a plan when we return to Red Larch tomorrow. Soon The Restless Hand will fall.

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