The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 24

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #24

After pressing my distrust for Sheriff Lothric to Henry in the late hours of the morning, he backs my decision. Everyone is to stay outside of Red Larch while I try to gather information on Novak and him. To my surprise none argue. Maybe last night proved The Restless Hand needs to be destroyed.

As the group camps out not too far off of Larch Path, I sneak back into town. Though I’m here to get knowledge to take down my former organization, my thoughts wonder toward those who suffered at the hands of Varix and Maddox. I cannot help but to see how they are faring during these times. It is reassuring to see that they are safe despite the evil lurking in their town.

After what seems like an eternity I find Lothric, but no luck with Novak. No surprise there. The sheriff is heavily armed with two battle axes, one to each side. I have not been in Red Larch long but I realize this is not like him. My first thought is this what Henry told us about, The Restless Hand supplies defenses with inferior weaponry before they sack the town.

Following him leads to the stables where he saddles a horse and heads toward the Sumber Hills, just where he had sent us the day before. Now I cannot help but believe those are superior weapons Lothric is wielding, Novak giving them to him to go assassinate us.

I circle around to meet up with the others to reveal what I have found. We all agree that it is odd that he would head that way ready for battle. After half an hour we decided to track him at a distance.

It’s not long to see he is heading to the old tomb we had found. We quickly realize our mistake, our tracks were not covered, as we hear the whistle from high on the hill. There waits Sheriff Lothric.

As he hails us there is no sign of being threatened by our weapons held at the ready. The horse slowly makes its way down and I see them, like the men at his home just days ago the sheriff has a gem set in each axe.

To my surprise he calls my from my hidden position.


Lothric wastes no time in asking us what we are doing, what did we find. I reply just as quick, making my accusations about his affiliations with Novak. He gives me a confused look, following up with asking if we have been inside. Amon tells him how we met the ghost within. The sheriff gives a little smirk and oddly enough invites us inside.

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