The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 25

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #25

Ever since arriving in Red Larch and the surrounding area I swear my days have been full of surprises and this is no different. The ghost of the noble warrior manifests to greet Lothric! Was sending us here to meet the spirit a set up? Confusion clouds my mind. What am I missing here?

The sheriff casually walks in and takes a seat as if he has been here a hundred times before. He calmly states that finding the tomb was of no coincidence, it was what he had intended. Then he pats one of the axes to his side, the gems reflecting in the torchlight. Lothric reveals to us that he and the spirit are of the Sunbreakers, a group dedicated to upholding justice throughout the lands.

I am caught off guard by what I did not expected from the man. It seems there is much more to the sheriff than I thought. Again, I have judged a stranger wrong. I am not sure if it is because I was judged the same in my years or because I am in an unfamiliar place but this is something I need to change about myself. Quickly, I offer an apology for my mistake.

Lothric dismisses it. Again, the friendly folk of Red Larch showing me there is good in the world. More importantly, there is good in those who may not look it. A lesson I promise to take to heart.

I tell him of Novak, The Restless Hand and why I believe them to be in his home. Henry supports me by telling what had happen to his clan and Amon’s country. Lothric had expected that Novak was trouble but not to that degree.

The sheriff and his former companion talk of the lost gem. Both agree that they feel the gem has called to Prince Amarth, he his destine to become a Sunbreaker. They urge us to waste no time in finding it before Novak corrupts it with his dark power.

Lothric pulls out a map with two locations marked on it. He believes these areas are ideal locations for hiding the gem. Handing the map to Amon, he wishes us the best of luck and looks forward to our return. The sheriff climbs on his horse, galloping back to Red Larch to look out for his people now that he knows what is at stake.

Seeing what we are up against Henry decides it is best that he and Charlotte stay behind at the tomb. This could be too dangerous to drag the young girl into. I look toward the prince to hear his decision only to notice sadness across his features. I would be a fool to believe that is over the dwarf, he has proven himself capable in the past days.

The bitter look on Lithia’s face says all I need to know.

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