The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 26

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #26

We decide Lance Rock is the first location to check out. Once again, the forest plays havoc on the skills learned in the streets of Waterdeep. Limbs pick at my cloak and the crushing of leaves gives away my position. To make things worse, we have to cross a small creek to get to the enormous rock. Being soaking wet from the waste down does not aid my skills either.

The rock is enormous, it is as tall as most buildings I have seen. A dark, damp cave mouth is the only entrance. With no one to greet us we quietly walk inside. Using my ability to see in total darkness, I sneak ahead to scout the tunnel. Once the daylight is cut off from inside Amon lights a torch for the rest to see.

From behind a thrashing, reddish blur blocks out a small area of torch light, attacking the others. It’s is not quite a bird, more like a large insect with a long needle in its face. Despite what it maybe I can assure you it is horrible.

The sound of fluttering wings fills the ceiling above us. As I focus my vision into the darkness three of the creatures rapidly decent upon me. They are quick but most of all annoying. I’m forced to go on the defensive with being outnumbered, using my cutlass to deflect stabs with their needle like noses.

Though overwhelmed, I need to try to mount some type of offense. As fast as possible I stab at one with my dagger, being so small I almost slice the thing in half. That was a major error. One of them swoops in to pierce my arm as I pull it back.

The pain is bearable but the cost is not as the insect attaches itself to my arm, driving its nose into my bicep. Panic hits me and in that brief moment as the other attaches itself to my back. I can feel the blood being pulled from my veins. My mind swirls as the walls start to spin. It takes all I have to fight off the weakness as I try to dislodge the little beast.

A strong force pushes me away, shredding the flesh from my back and launching me into the wall. As I try to regain my focus Balasar is throwing one of the bugs to the dirt. As he holds the horrid thing down with his boot, his axe cleaves it in two.

I jab at the remaining one with my dagger but my strength fails me. Blood soaks my sleeves as the painful feast continues. Everything around me goes blurry. Time seems to move slowly.

A loud crash of steel against stone brings me to my senses. The warmth of gore hangs from my arm as the insect has been crushed. Before me is Prince Amon, his shield covered in blood, asking me if I am alright. It takes a moment to comprehend what he is asking but I nod my head to signal I am good.

I just need a moment to rest as I collapse to the floor.

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