The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 27

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #27

As we explore further into the tunnel of Lance Rock we are all on the defensive after the insects ambushed us. Still feeling weak from their sting I stay within Prince Amon’s torchlight. To say I do this out of a bit a fear would not be a lie.

Fortunately for us there are no more of the creatures hiding in the dark depths above us as we reach the end of the cave. Only two items are to be found, first is a skull with arrows in its eye sockets, surely a warning to those who made it this far. The second is a small coffer.

The arrows in the skull look to be in good shape. Needing ammunition after picking up a bow from the bandits days ago I squat down to inspect the area. Though it looks harmless it maybe trapped. In my time I have seen fingers go missing for less than is shown here. After a brief inspection nothing stands out. As I grab the arrows no traps go off.

But something hidden and worse does.

A cold harsher than the snows of deep winter run through my body. It is almost to the point that it is painful, as if running over ice with bare feet.

A fear begins to creep into my mind. Through the vast darkness of the tunnel it is as if someone, or something, is watching me. I quickly take control of my self, releasing the arrows before I lose sensibility. Backing away from the cursed skull I warn the others not to touch it.

Of course Lithia, being curious and fearless as usual, lightly walks over and picks it up. Before I can even shout a warning, she smiles and says that it must have been in my head. The cracking of the skull hitting the stone floor echoes toward the exit as she carelessly tosses it.

In the coffer is some valuable information about our next location, Krypt Garden Forest. Some task there is well underway, almost complete by what we understand. It seems we picked the wrong location of the two.

As we take our leave of Lance Rock I cannot help but think about that wretched skull. I would hate if some traveler decided to take refuge here and fall victim to it. Being paranoid and fearful, I slip the tip of my cutlass inside the jaw to carry it outside. Once clear of the entrance I walk a short distance and fling the dreadful object far into the creek.

As we begin to wade across to the other side of the creek something strange happens. The water begins to boil and turn brackish where the skull lands. Soon after a dead fish rises to the top, some of its scales seem to be missing.

Curious as always, Lithia wants to go investigate. It takes the combined effort of Amon, Balasar and myself to urge her to leave the damned thing alone.

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