The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 28

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #28

Skirting miles around Red Larch to go unnoticed by its townsfolk, and more importantly, The Restless Hand, we head to the second location on the map, Crypt Garden Forest. As we search the area we come across a sign with a dire warning to travelers and unwanted guest.

“Come no closer lest you catch the disfiguring plague that affects me!”

After my episode with the skull back at Lance Rock I want nothing to do with this. Unfortunately, my three companions do not seem too concerned. With them it might as well be the blind leading the blind. But as I have stated before, I have to put my trust in them, otherwise I may never find other allies to help defeat Novak.

After an hour or so of searching we find a cave mouth. Damnit! Why is it always a cave? Yesterday it was a cave with a haunted tomb of sorts. Earlier it was one with terrible bird like insects that fed on blood. It has only been hours since then which I still have not recovered from and here I go again, off into another dark hole with the gods know what waiting for us inside.

As I said, the blind lead the blind right in. No hesitation. No questions asked. But this time I do not take the lead. I have had enough surprises for one day.

A breeze blows from somewhere inside was we enter. With it come the smell of decay. When Amon lights his torch we find the source of the stench not a stone’s throw away. It looks like there is a dead body down the tunnel. Not trusting anything after Lance Rock, I fire an arrow at it.

No grunt from pain. Not even a flinch.

For good measure I fire another shot. Nothing.

Satisfied with the dead staying dead my instincts decided to kick in as I start to scout ahead. Passing by the body I give it a quick look over for anything of significance. With nothing of note I go to retrieve my arrows. I tug on the first one and I will be damned to the Nine Hells that the dead decided at that moment to not stay dead!

It reaches for my leg. If not in such a stage of a fright it would have got me. Leaping above it with a yelp I bring my foot down on the zombie’s head.


It lies motionless before Balasar reaches me. With a slap on the shoulder for reassurance and a good laugh he continues down the tunnel. Good. He can take lead. I am done with it for today!

Just ahead the tunnel opens into a wide room. As we enter torches set about the room flare up, leading to corridors on the left and right. Dominating the middle of the area is dark red boulder. The source of the large stone’s color seems to be dried blood.

Before Amon can ask which way to explore Lithia heads to the right. The prince looks to us for support on her decision. Balasar offers a shrug. I could care less as long as someone else is taking the lead.

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