The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 29

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #29

As Lithia leads us down the corridor one by one the torches flare to life just feet ahead of her to lead the way. Once reaching the end they light up a room full of rotting skeletons, some more fresher than others. Some are dressed in commoners clothing, other in armor. Those that are armed have only been placed here days ago. I know this because they each openly display the brand of The Restless Hand.

Curious as always, Lithia walks up to the closest of Novak’s dead soldiers. She is either fearless or stupid, I am betting on the latter. Not once did she inspect the entrance or look about the room for danger before entering. One day she is going to get her or all of us killed doing so.

Lucky for her nothing happens.

Both her and myself move in to get a better look at the recently deceased. Amon and Balasar approach the pile of shortswords in the middle. Before I can even inspect the body the mage lets out a scream of pain and surprise. The skeleton she touched came to life!

I laugh to myself. That is what she gets for being so careless.

Then I, too, let a out a frightening shout as the body I was just about to look at myself springs to life and charges Lithia.

Why am I not surprised to see another behind the copperborn and prince run toward her direction as well?

It is stopped cold in its tracks with a sickening crunch to the skull as Amon Frost delivers a clothesline that takes it off of its feet. Balasar follows him up by crushing the ribcage of the undead with the wide, flat head of his greataxe. It stood no chance.

Both of the skeletons claw and tear the flesh of Lithia. She does her best to fight them off but it is obvious she has no clue how to attack in close quarters. Flames leap from her hands, setting one of her attackers ablaze. The fire does very little to slow its assault down.

With the bones and flesh somewhat charred it should be somewhat weakened. A dash in behind it, smashing the back of its head with the finger guard on my cutlass. I quickly step back to sever its spine causing the fleshy thing to fall into a heap.

Before I can react to the remaining one Amon is there, pinning the skeleton to the wall. The force causes its enthralls to fall to the floor with a disgusting squishing sound. It reaches around his shield in a frenzy, still trying to assault Muun. Balasar charges in, taking its head off easily with one powerful stroke.

Lithia throws herself into the prince’s arms with a small sob. This time it is hard to tell if she is actually scared and hurt or continuing on with her act. The prince consoles her, promising he will protect her.

Of course you will, Amon. She is playing you like a lute.

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