The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 30

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #30

With the room full of skeletons turning up a dead end we head back to the main chamber and go down the other corridor. It opens to a large room with the most peculiar site- someone with a blood matted bear costume on, a woman in a dress who acts like it is attacking her and a jester who shows silent laughter at the two.

Something is strangely off about the them.

They move fluidly in their act but a slight twitch gives away something is a miss. You figured Lithia would have learned not to approach any of these rooms before being sure of the situation after last time. That is not the case. She is highly entertained, making her way toward the trio.

I do not trust this. Neither does Prince Amon and Balasar. I move to circle around them. The two cautiously move up behind Lithia. After what we have encountered in the whole third of an hour we have been here I let loose an arrow on the bear.

The shaft sinks half into its torso. No flinch from the impact. No grunt from pain. The only reaction is it, along with the other two, move in and attack Lithia.

And flames leap from her hands at
the bear. Smokes trails from the costume as it swings its limbs at her. Though she is not armored for close quarters combat, Lithia is quick enough to dodge out of the way.

Unfortunately the other two land lumbering blows from the girl’s blindside.

Amon and Balasar engaged the three with the prince putting himself between the foes and Lithia as usual. The copperborn waste no time dismembering the lady’s left arm. It does not stop her as she misses a clumsy attack with the right.



This is going to take some work.

I fire another arrow in the bear, sinking it deep inside of its rib cage. It pays me no attention as it remains focused on Lithia. She unleashes another spell, a ball of acid straight to the large mask. It provides no defense against the magic. As the undead falls to its knees gore and blood slip out of the hole created.

Prince Frost pushes the jester back with his shield, it’s arms reach over to grab at his face. It’s bells jingle from the force. He needs to use the sword on his hip to aid Balasar. Now knowing why he prefers defending those around him it may prove a bit difficult to persuade Amon to use it.

Lucky for him the copperborn needs no assistance. The blows from the lady in the dress cause no harm to his heavy armor. With one powerful, downward chop Balasar cleaves her from shoulder to hip.

With the jester remaining I charge behind it, trying to sever its spine with my cutlass as I did the skeleton. They say zombies are mindless when on the attack, not caring who or want are in front of it. Sometimes I believe that to be a lie. The thing ignores Amon to focus on me, wildly swinging its arm into my face. But it stands no chance against the four of us. Within seconds it falls to the floor.

Two corridors lead out from the room. Amon ask which should we take which sparks a debate. Lithia wants to take the one on the right, I say the one in the left. Amon begins to side with her, no surprise there, as she looks over the bodies.

It is as if no one is paying attention to the danger she has walked into through this entire cave network. Not trusting their decision, I head to the left by myself.

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