The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 31

These events take place before the Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #31

Sneaking down the left corridor there are no torches to light the way like previously. Good. The dark is my ally.

I come to an enormous room, three times the size of the last. Torches line the wall making it almost impossible to move from shadow to shadow. With all the shelving, stones and tables I could easily hide.

The first thing to catch my eye is the cloaked figure. Not sure what he is doing but by looking at all the gear around its surgery. Saws, knives and other tools lay on tables and shelves all around him and the room. Hands, feet and who knows what else hang from the sides of blood soaked baskets. Guess what else is on the tables?


The would be surgeon in the cloak turns around the face me.

A zombie.

He lets out a low moan calling to his three patients who rise. Doing the smart thing, which Lithia has proven to be incapable of doing, I start to walk backwards from where I came. Knowing I am low on arrows I need to draw the undead to my allies. Notching one I take aim at the closest.

Just past the lumbering men something moves so quick from one of the tables I barely see it.

The sound of tools falling from one of the shelves distracts me for my enemies.

As one of the baskets of severed limbs tips over from the table I see what is the cause of all this. The sight of it makes my skin crawl. It feels as if they are all over me, pulling me to the dirt floor.

It is a severed hand using its fingers to crawl.

Frozen in place, losing all focus on my surrounding I hardly see the one running among the legs of the zombies. With unimaginable strength and agility it leaps up at my face, finger posed as if to grab.

I pin it to the floor with an arrow.

And that draws my attention to the remaining three that are quickly gaining on my position. The zombies are just a dagger’s throw away. Taking a few steps back I take aim and fire.

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