Crossover Collision: X-23 vs Damian Wayne

Episode 16

Evan the Great and JVD discuss a battle between the combatants in seven different battlegrounds – an open area, a busy city street, a city alley way, the roof top of a large building, the sewer, a warehouse and a jungle. At the end they tally up the overall wins to declare a victor. Subscribe to Crossover Collision on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.

Laura Kinney, aka as X-23, was originally created for the X-Men: Evolution cartoon by Craig Kyle. She made her first comic book appearance in NYX #3 by Joe Quesada and Joshua Middleton.

Damian Wayne, aka as Robin, was created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert. His first appearance was in Batman #655 but took on the mantle of Robin in Batman #657.

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