The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 33

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #33

Realizing the terror is genuine, Amon tries to bring me back to reality. Snapping his fingers, clapping his hands, he does all he can. Then something happens that pulls at my heart, something that hits me hard. Prince Frost tells me that they need me for this, that I have to help save Red Larch.

Not even a ten day ago I arrived there, setting out with Maddox and Varix to help The Restless Hand take control. Looking to take from the townsfolk I found myself giving what I could like I have always done. Right when my coin ran out fortune stepped in. These three became heroes, bringing down our operation and serving justice. Fortune found me soon once more after as those I offered up my coin for spoke up and defended me. They gave me freedom.

And now they need me to defend them.

The fear subsides and I become determined. We give chase down the corridor Novak went. In the back of the surgery room we weave through stones and walls until we enter a room bathed in purple light. Floating about the lone stone alter is a gem.

Someone moving behind the large rock catches my attention. I call them out, surely this is who calls this place home. They show themselves, old armor and bandages cover them. My blood boils. Rages overtakes my mind.

Maddox and Varix.

I blindly charge and they both meet me in a collision of steel. These two men are just as vile as their leader. They deserve the same fate as he, death at my hands. I am more than willing to give them that.

Balasar moves up to flank Varix on my right. The rage I feel begins to settle as my thoughts go fuzzy. Something inside me is trying to force me to drive my cutlass through the paladin. Then I hear him.

Novak is mocking me once again, mocking my forced slavery that he considers a friendship. Looking above the glowing gem I can see his smile through his hood. With his most prized shortsword in hand, he crawls down the wall like a spider.

I fight back his command. Thoughts of those who defend me at the trial flood me. Amon’s memory of pledging to help me rid the world of this bastard fuels my resolve. Screaming at the top of my lungs I tell everyone to kill him, to not let him leave this room alive.

He laughs at the notion, welcoming the challenge.

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