The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 34

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #34

Balasar reaches Novak first, putting all his strength behind his greataxe. To most opponents it would be the end of them. Not this foe. Being quicker than his size would reveal, the evil copperborn easily evades the swing.

Amon Frost moves to flank Maddox to my right in an attempt to take the advantage away from him and Varix. It takes all I have to defend against the two, using my cutlass for defense and taking a jab with my dagger when possible. Maddox takes a swing as soon as the prince is in reach which is block with his shield.

Lithia Muun conjures a bolt of fire, launching the spell as fast as an arrow. Runes on Novak’s shortsword glow red. With an open palm the spell stops inches from him, it fizzles out of existence.

He mocks her, calling her magic is weak. Novak insults her, claiming Lithia is a tavern whore. The leader of the Restless Hand does all he can to make her feeling like nothing.

That may have been a mistake. Through the tangle of blades I see something I have never seen in Amon’s eyes, a spark of anger. The young prince has taken the insult to our mage personal. Dare I say even a bit too much? Regardless it is a push in the right direction as he draws his sword. With one quick stroke he cuts Maddox across the back while issuing his own challenge to Novak.

Taking advantage of the moment I quickly kick Varix in the stomach to drive him out of axe reach. As my boot touches back to the dirt I twist to plunge my cutlass into his partner’s midsection. I take no satisfaction in killing a person but this time I do. Knowing what he has done back in Waterdeep, knowing was he was going to do to the tailor’s daughter, seeing how he has treated other townfolk of Red Larch, Maddox deserves worse.

Crackling, purple energy draws me from my kill. Novak unleashes his magic on Balasar, forcing him into the cave wall. He does not appear hurt as he shakes off the attack.

Another bolt from Lithia screeches between Varix and myself. Once again it is dissipated into nothingness by a superior mage.

Prince Frost charges in, shield held forward as he swings his longsword in a long arc. Novak easily steps back. A fire blazes in his heart as Amon continues his barrage, swinging left to right, cutting up and down. Purple energy flies at him. The prince puts his weight behind his defense, holding his ground and barely moves a few inches. Scorch marks cover his shield.

Balasar takes advantage of the opening, charging in on the flank. A flame erupts from his greataxe as he attacks with a short chop. Being caught in the middle of his spell, the attack makes contact as Novak tries to dodge. The surprise is written all over bastard’s face. He retaliates with another concussive blast, sending the copperborn flying once again. As before, my ally appears unharmed.

Then something unexpected happens. I cannot believe the words that are spoken. Novak demands the paladin to stop, that he has plans for the copperborn.

That explains why Balasar is unharmed. It explains why Novak is so surprised that he drew blood on him in combat. Does Novak expect him to know something?

I have come to believe Balasar has no knowledge of Novak or The Restless Hand. Right in front of my eyes he battles them. He has proven to all in this fight that he serves good and justice in the world. So what is the connection between the two?

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