The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 35

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #35

Varix scream of rage draws me from my short contemplation. His eyes have gone wild as they dart from Maddox and me. Good. Now he realizes how I felt when Novak did nothing to save Remy all those years ago.

He leaps at me, swinging his battleaxe in a frenzy. Though leaving his defenses open it is hard to mount an offense when one is in such a rage. I manage to stab him with a dagger once.

Then twice.

A third time.

He shows no signs of pain, no sign of slowing down. Varix swings at my head. As a duck I feel the small breeze from the force of the swing. A fourth jab with my dagger catches him in the throat as I shoot up. His frenzied scream turns into a wet, gurgling sound.

I roll backwards out of reach, quickly coming to my feet to defend myself. The site in front of my is quite grotesque. Where the dwarf’s throat and collar bone should be is now an open hole of melted skin, loose flesh and blood.

Varix crumbles to the dirt.

Lithia Muun gives me an innocent look as if it was an accident. I see the truth behind her playful smile. Nodding my approval I turn to the battle in front of us.

Amon Frost continues his onslaught. If he was well trained with the blade it might be effective. But luck prevails as the tip of the weapon catches Novak in the shoulder. He retaliates with his dark magic, blasting the prince to his knees.

Balasar shows no concern for what he was told as he crashes into our foe. The evil mage slows the decent of the greataxe with his sword but it is not enough. The edge slashes him down the crest.

The runes of his sword flare to life. A red energy encases Novak. With magical enchanted strength the copperborn is pushed away.

With a wave of his hand a fog of pure blackness surrounds him. The cloud is so thick not even the glow of the gem pierces it. Novak laughs and mocks us for thinking we might be able to defeat him. The bastard calls us fools for thinking so.

Balasar roars out a challenge and swings into the darkness. He is met with another concussive blast, sending him crashing into the rock wall for a third time.

The black fog swirls to the top of the cavern, taking our attention from the true danger. Maddox and Varix slowly rise to their feet. Before their moan or Lithia’s warning can reach me, I am assault by both dead men.

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