The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 36

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #36

A lumbering blow from Maddox sends me stumbling forward. Before I can defend myself Varix hits me with another. My vision goes blurry. Fatigue is starting to kick in.

Then I hear him, Novak is inside of my head. I look up to the ceiling to see him crawl from the darkness with a smile. He promises to forgive me for my treachery, to reward me with riches beyond my wildest dreams, to give me power. All I need to do is destroy my allies.

My answers comes from Lithia as a bolt of fire crashes into his chest. The wisps of smoke disappears into the black fog. He answers her with a what seems to be the same spell but fueled with his own dark power. It knocks the mage to her back. She grits her teeth to help bear the pain.

Amon and Balasar rush to my aid. The prince flanks Maddox, driving his sword through his midsection. The zombie feels no pain as it turns to face him, blade still inside. A clubbing arm to the head dazes the prince as his weapon twists and shreds the undead’s insides.

Balasar flanks as well, bringing his greataxe high above his head cleaving into Varix from neck to waist. While pulling his weapon free his grabs the dwarf by the shoulder, pulling down to rip the rest of him in two.

I spin to face Maddox, bringing my cutlass in close so not catch Amon with my reach. My former companion’s head comes clean off, taking a few bounces before coming to a rolling stop.

Lightning races above our heads, brightening up the whole of the room. Being too weak to deflect Lithia’s spell, it crashes into Novak’s chest. His body tenses up from the jolt sending him crashing to the cave floor. His runed blade clatters as it meets the stone.

He rises to his feet, breathing heavy. Blood soaks his robes. His chest his badly damaged from the battle. The runes on his blade flare red as he reaches for his shortsword.

Lithia tries to get to her feet. Us three warriors can barely stand as we move close to protect her. We take defensive stands as Novak raise an open hand in our direction, promising to deliver a most power spell.

He mocks us, stating we could never defeat him, that we never stood a chance.

I can see his breath when he speaks as the room grows terribly cold. An uneasy feeling overcomes us all. A strong but unusual breeze fills the room. A look of unimaginable fear washes over Novak’s face. He lets out the faintest of whispers.


An enormous boom deafens us, driving us to our knees, causing us to desperately cover our ears.

A gateway to nothingness has opened behind the glowing gem. Something speaks from within. The language makes no sense, it is all wet, slurping gibberish. My brain gets this annoying itch, it feels as is something is borrowing inside. I start to panic, feeling like I am about to lose my mind.

Novak screams focus my attention.
Massive black tentacles reach into the cave, grabbing everything in reach, grabbing him.

We all jump back in horror as they come close. The evil mage does all he can to fight them. Casting spells of his dark energy. Slicing a tentacle with his enchanted shortsword only to have it snatched from his grip and thrown to the side. He claws at the floor attempting to slow them down. Nothing works.

I cannot let this happen. Novak must be brought to justice for his evil deeds. Letting this be his end is not fitting for all those he has ruined.

Leaping toward the tentacles, I cut left with my cutlass. Then right as I try to get to the bane of my existence. He reaches for my hand as I go to grab him. One of the tentacles slams into me, driving me to the ground.

They pull him closer to the gateway. Novak begs me, pleads with me to save him.

If I cannot save him, if I cannot bring him to justice then I will kill him. He must know it was myself, no, us four heroes of Red Larch that brought down The Restless Hand. We have came too far. Anything else will not be satisfying.

Getting to my feet I run to him, cutlass raised for the killing stroke. I leap into the air as high as possible to drive the blade into his skull. The tip crashes down into the rock as Novak is pulled inside the portal by the black tentacles. Pure terror is his only expression as tears roll down his face. It is a look I will never forget.

The gateway swirls around, shrinking into itself. With a soft pop is winks from existence.

Novak is gone.

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