The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 38

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #38

As we head back to Red Larch to meet up with Sheriff Lothric I cannot keep my eyes off of Novak’s shortsword. All I have thought about is his return. Early this morning Balasar told us he had dreams about our enemy, giving me the blade and telling me I will need it.

I imagine after what Novak revealed to him during our battle he has much on his mind as well. How does the copperborn fit into The Restless Hand’s plans? I once accused him of being involved with them. After yesterday I still believe so but not in the sense I once thought.

We arrive at the town to find it quiet as it was before we all arrived here. That would bring a smile to my face but the people of my former organization are just as silent. As we walk to the jail I see no sign of them. Did they leave? I doubt it. Knowing how Novak works some must have remained behind.

Lothric is torn about the news. Though he is grateful we found the gem of the Sunbreakers, he is worried about its corruption. To make matters worse the bizarre gateway and tentacles frighten him. He urges Prince Frost to get the gem to the tomb. There he can be assisted in purging the evil.

As we leave I cannot get past the feeling that the town is being watched by The Restless Hand. I have pledged myself to Amon and his quest of righteousness but I know in my heart I need to stay behind to rid the folk of any who may still be here. There is some protest from him because of the urgency of the gem’s corruption but I can see he knows I am right. Lothric agrees with me, he even decides to help.

It is settled. As the others rush to the tomb we two shall rid Red Larch of any remaining members of The Restless Hand.

Let the search begin.

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