The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 39

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #39

Lothric and I march through town then hit the outskirts looking for anyone who does not look familiar to him. Between that and my knowledge of the brand of The Restless Hand it should not be hard to find stragglers. Being relatively small, combing through Red Larch should be easy.

I cannot help but ask the sheriff about the Sunbreaker gem and what will come of it. As told before, the gem chooses who it wants but can be overcome by one who is not. Last night Lithia had Amon focusing on gem, trying to gain some type of connection with it. Then comes the part I wish I never heard.

The gem can destroy Prince Frost if not handled correctly.

He assures me that all will be right, that the prince has purity and good in his heart so he can accomplish it. I truly believe that but I can see he also has some doubt behind his statement. It understandable after the incident at Crypt Garden Forest. I am positive none of us want to witness such horror again.

I continue with my questions. The story I am told is quite the astonishing tale. Sheriff Lothric was chosen by Cindermaw, a red dragon on the Elemental Plane of Fire, as one of the six Sunbreakers. There he bestows a gem of power to those who serve justice to the highest degree.

After counting them up I have seen them all, Lothric has one for each of his battleaxes. The three men at his home had one each, leaving Amon with the final one. He smiles at the observation, shaking his head no. The two he carries are of the same gem, split to empower both of his weapons.

The gem that is unaccounted for was taken to the North by its wielder. Of the four Sunbreakers left alive none of seen him in years. I cannot help but think there is a connection between that and Amon finding himself in his current situation. Before too long I guarantee we head out in search of that gem.

We talk at length about how serving justice is perceive, a conversation we continue from the old tomb. Unlike his fellow lawmen, he does what it takes to rid the world of evil even if it breaks the law. He reminds me sometimes the lowest of the low in a dark alley are the best informants. I smile because it is something I know all too well.

Listening to him speak about his ways I slowly understand that to serve Prince Amon I must take the path Lothric has took. It is a way I have already turned to when I think about it, burning down the jail to take out Maddox and Varix.

Our search stumbles upon four members of The Restless Hand. It is easy to see they realize they are outmatched though they have the numbers advantage. I smile knowing that I could get used to fighting beside Lothric.

As we charge the thugs there is no doubt that Red Larch is safe for now.

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