The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 40

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #40

With the members of The Restless Hand removed I bring up the idea of training the townsfolk to defend not only themselves but Red Larch when needed. Though one threat is removed we have ran into the bandits with the fire emblem a few times. Who says they are not more of them out there? Who says they will not come to town?

Lothric thinks it is a good idea.

We head back into town to the Helm at Highsun for a drink and to discuss what steps to take. We decide it is best to teach a handful first to help with the training. Hopefully with Balasar’s help the task will be easy. After lunch and a few ales we post a flyer at the bar.

While waiting at the jail it does not take long before the people come in asking about the training. Lothric is shocked at how many show. They greet him and praise this wonderful idea. His wide smile shows how much he cares about Red Larch and its residence. We make a list and in a few days we will begin.

As evening settles we head back to The Helm for a few more drinks. There we find my fellow companions with a strange new fellow. Lithia is excited to introduce the elf stating he is actually the bear we rescued days ago. After what I saw come from the gateway at Krypt Garden Forrest I am not impressed that someone can transform into an animal.

Before Lothric and I can introduce ourselves the ground itself shakes. All in The Helm pause to gather themselves, staring at each other as if to ask if it is alright to move. The sheriff tells us this has been happening recently. He recalls tales of the quakes, how forgotten relics of power were the source. After all his time in the area he has never encountered or found them. Lothric believes them a myth.

Then it hits me, maybe this is why The Restless Hand came to Red Larch. I share my thoughts to everyone, that maybe Novak stumbled upon the Sunbreaker gems accidentally while looking for these relics. The sheriff agrees.

It does not help that this wild elf informs us that that the tales of the relics are true.

The conversation is cut short as screams echo through the calm of the night. As we step outside flames and smoke light up the south side of town. Rushing there we find the jail a raging inferno. From the other side we see multiple people. We hear one of them shout to burn it to the ground, exclaiming that something must not be found.

Peering hard through the smoke and flames I recognize an all too familiar brand.

The Restless Hand have return to Red Larch.

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