The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 41

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #41

All I see is red as I rush around the burning building. I knew it was too good to be true, to think The Restless Hand had left this town. I do not slow down as the storm of attacks passes me by.

Balasar roars as he releases his acidic breath upon the nearest thugs. One of Lothric’s enchanted axes twirls past me sinking into the chest of its target, then disappears only to materialize in his hand. A small orb from Lithia darts past splashing a thief in the face, melting flesh and bone.

And the newcomer races beside me, leaping into the air to transfer into an enormous wolf. As he lands our foes scatter from his bestial fury. Those caught in his fangs and claws meet a gory end.

With all those distractions I dash into the wounded men, cutlass and dagger slashing those in my way. I yell for the townsfolk watching to fetch water to put out the blaze. The sheriff does the same. And like the loyal folk that they are they rush to the well.

Another of Lithia’s spells screeches past. Balasar meets up with me, cleaving those who dare challenge him in two. Lothric’s twin axes flies through the air at those closing in around us. Amon’s enchanted sword flies between us like a spear.


The prince’s face reads confusion and disappointment. Lothric scolds him for being a fool for thinking his sword is in tune with his heart. His features channel his anger at himself. He tackles the nearest foe who is getting ready to toss a lantern onto the jail. Taking the lantern from him Amon bashes the man in the face. As he raises it high for another strike the oil rains down from its container on the victim. A second crashing blow breaks the glass letting its flame escape, igniting the man on fire.

With The Restless Hand defeated we stare in disbelief at Prince Frost. I thought such acts of violence were beneath him. If anyone was to take one of them alive it would be him, not myself. As I pull my captive to his feet Amon’s eyes fall to him, to the burning body and he sees what he has done. The deceased has not moved for more than a minute but the sight starts to sink in.

I cannot help but think we all have done this to him. The fighting with the bandits and Novak has changed him, possibly shown him the world is a chaotic place. Maybe this is the time his mind decided to break after realizing his training was all faked to ease his ego. Hopefully I am wrong for Amon Frost is a light of hope in a very dark place. He is a beacon of hope that we all need.

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