The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 42

These events take place before the Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #42

It takes us into the early hours of the morning but the blaze is gone. The smoldering ruins serve as a reminder to why I brought up teaching the townsfolk how to defend Red Larch. If anything this was a promising sign. As we battled The Restless Hand they heard our cries for help, fighting away their fear, building their resolve that this is their home. Once again I am reminded of how amazing these people of this small town can be.

And my prisoner gets to watch it all when he comes regains consciousness. I repeatedly let him know this town will not fall to them or any other evil. He struggles beneath my boot by my rope and Lothric’s manacles hold him tight.

We thank each and every person who helped fight the blaze. They return the kindness, letting us know that without us Red Larch may be burned to ash. I search out those that defended me at my trial, they are who mean the most. No words come from my mouth but they can see my gratitude and reward it with a smile and hearty handshake. I tell myself I must know these people better, that I should open up and they will truly except me.

Then I see her, the tailor’s daughter. Though her features are covered in soot and ash she still remains as beautiful as ever. While speaking to the sheriff she notices me, runs and gives me an enormous hug. I cannot help but freeze.

What do I do? What do I say?

She ends the embrace with a soft kiss on the cheek. I feel my face heat up and turn red. She gives me a cheerful smile and returns to her father.

Again, I am reminded of how amazing the people of Red Larch are. I understand more than ever why Lothric cares about these townsfolk, why he loves his home. In the back of my thoughts I see myself doing the same.

But for now I will have to put those pleasant thoughts aside. Lothric picks up our prisoner by the manacles around his ankles and drags him away. He orders me to come with him. The others begin to follow but the sheriff halts them in their tracks. He warns them that they do not want to be a part of what is about to happen.

Lothric stares at Amon Frost for a few heartbeats before we continue on our way. Conflicted with what he has done, the prince cannot hold the gaze. I realize what he is doing. It is to show the the new Sunbreaker that his way to serve justice should be different from ours.

I hope he realizes this. It is for the better.

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