The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 43

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #43

The air is thick with dust and the smell of blood in Lothric’s hidden cellar. The remaining member of The Restless Hand believes himself to be hard and offers up a bloody smile.


I stop holding back, punching him the face a few times followed by a couple to the gut. His blood flings and drips to the dirt floor becoming a small, muddy mess. At one time I despised doing this when working for Novak. It was rare the person beaten deserved it.

I cannot be more thrilled this is one of those rare occasions.

He spits sticky blood and a tooth to the floor, his laugh comes with a slight gurgle. The tough guy thinks he’s cute reminding me that I will always be a member of The Restless Hand.

I pull my dagger and cut across my brand to show there is no allegiance. Another wet laugh.

With my dagger, I quickly jump on him and starting removing his brand from his forearm with my blade. He screams at the top of the lungs, begs me to stop. Halfway through I do, leaving the flayed skin to loosely hang as a reminder.

The sheriff takes over, questioning him about the truth behind Novak being in Red Larch and what they know about the relics of old. It does not take much longer to get what useful information we need with Lothric’s brutal methods. Needless to say the man meets a gruesome end.

We head back outside to find the sun starting to creep over the trees. As we pass The Helm I sneak inside, grab a bottle of whiskey, climb to the roof and motion to my friend for a drink. Soon we are joined by Nataku. We spend the next hour in silence with a bottle passed between us.

Lothric stares at the smoldering ruin that was the jail. A thought hits him and he quickly scales down the tavern with us close behind. Once arriving we waste no time following his lead to the jail, moving what remains of scorched brick and iron bars. The sheriff starts stomping and pressing on the blocks in the floor.

Some of them give underneath his boot.

I hand Lothric my spare crowbar to help me pry the stone. Nataku uses his spear to help shift them. Soon we discover what The Restless Hand wanted destroyed.

A cellar door was hidden below.

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