The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 44

These events take place before the Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #44

The violent shaking of The Helm at High Sun throws me from my bed. The cries of fear and panic from the townsfolk bring me to my senses. Wasting no time I grab my weapons and gear, sprinting down the stairs two at a time.

The ground rumbles again as I stumble out the door. Everyone on the streets is running inside the nearest buildings. I do my best to tell them not to enter for fear that they may collapse. If anything they need to stay in the street.

A few of the elders quickly march by with a ladder. That can only mean one thing, a cave in has happen and someone is in trouble. I follow them to the jail where Lothric and I had left our strange, new ally.
The elf is already attempting to find a way down as screams echo from inside, it sounds like children. I run up to him, tying a rope around my waste and throwing the line in. As if it was instinct the druid grabs hold and repels down.

The ground shifts under us as the elders are working the ladder down. I shout from them to stand back, that too much weight could further the collapse. As always the people of Red Larch show me how much they care for each other, willing to put their own lives on the line. I can see their urge to stay, to help their own, but in the end they listen.

Have I actually gained trust from these fine people?

It is a thought to contemplate another time.

The two children are tied together. The elf calms them with magic, showing them they are safe. He motions for them to walk up the wall as I begin to pull them to safety. I can see their mother offering her thanks.

It is strange to see an outsider be so helpful to people he does not know. Then against so was I. In a sense I still am. Maybe me and this elf are more alike then one may think.

Within moments they are in their mother’s arms. They smile as she wipes their tears away. I urge them to stay away and not to go inside of buildings.

Finally the rest of the heroes arrive as I begin my decent. There is an old rusty door and a natural corridor that runs to the north. Tracks from boots lead both ways.

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