The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 45

These events take place before the Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #45

Realizing the natural cave must lead outside of Red Larch I begin to search the door for traps. It is hard to focus on my task when all I can think about is why would The Restless Hand hide this? Are one of these relics down here or something far worse?

Not being able to clear my thoughts from these questions I open the door in frustration. No traps go off. At least luck is on my side.

Amon sparks a torch to lighten up the dark hallway. Just at the end of our sight we can make out two figures. As we move closer they are statues of dwarves, axes raises in attacking poses. Fearing this maybe a trap I get to work. I find that both block hallways to the north and south.

We decide to move forward to the east and just moments after we do two cages fall just behind us. I scold myself, I have got to get my head focused. Those could have injured or slowed us down.

Further down the corridor we come to another door but this time it is slightly opened. I take a gamble and push it. As the prince’s torch lights the inside, shadows are cast on the walls from the hanging chains.

Then we hear whimpering. On the far side of the room is young boy pinned to the floor by heavy rocks. He cries out at the site of us.

We rush to free him. I can see the terror in his eyes, they are set on me. It is easy to see that he fears me more than anyone else. Not wanting to make this experience any worse for the child I step back.

For two days the boy has been here. It shows by the way he devoured the rations and water we hand him. His name is Braylin, son of Rothar Hatherhand who lives in town. He was to send a message to The Believers from someone named Mr. Elmeth. The child mentions another group called The Delvers.

When asking why he is so scared of me Braylin informs us that the person who trapped him here was an orc and that he had just recently went through the door. Now knowing someone had tried to trap us down here is close by I want answers. I need to know why Novak and The Restless Hand wanted to keep this place such a secret. But first we have to get the boy to safety.

Amon figures out the chain system to lower the two cages and with the assistance of our strange elf ally, I get Braylin topside to the guards. My orders are to not let him out of their site and to find his father.

My tone and look is all the soldier needs to gather that this is serious.

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