The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 46

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #46

Nothing in these tunnels matter at the moment but the orc that trapped the boy down here. He cannot be that far ahead. I only fear that there is another exit somewhere from within.

Unlike the others, the elf from the woods seems to be on the same page as myself. Rushing back to the others we find they have moved on to find another dwarven statue. Amon is wasting time inspecting it. He should be more concerned about finding who trapped Braylin down here. I tell myself Lithia is to blame.

I scold him for not taking this serious, that maybe he is not meant to be a hero. In his eyes I can see him question himself. Is it doubt that at see? After last night maybe he is changing more than I thought.

Curse my luck, there are two doors here. Heading in a straight line with the other doors behind me I push forward. Luck holds out as a lantern reveals an old man setting in a chair by a close door. Carving a piece of wood, he does not seem to notice my approach. I charge him.

As we collide I see he has the same fear in his eyes as the boy. He begs me not to hurt him. I scream at the top of my lungs to tell me where is the orc who came through here. Shaking with fear he looks confused. He tells me no one came through here as he pleads for his life.

I have chosen the wrong door.

A howl echoes through the complex. I steal the lantern from the elder and take off to find the elf. As I enter the others are still looking at that damned statue as the massive wolf tries to open the other door. I curse Amon again for not being a hero and tell him to get the old man.

As we get the door open. Lithia tosses me a dagger she has found. Tells me it is magical and may come in use. At least she is proving somewhat useful in this chase. I tuck the blade in my belt and nod to her my thanks.

Following our transformed elf ally, Balasar decides to take action with us. The wolf sniffs the air rapidly as we race through the corridors. Entering another room I stop dead in my tracks. A large black stone floats in the center of the room.

The site of it takes me back to the Sunbreakers gem that Novak had stolen, how it had floated in the chamber as our battle raged. Unlike the gem, this stone does not give off a purple glow.

A howl snaps me back from the memory. I rush forward to catch up to my allies only to run into the smell of death. Rotting corpses lay in the floor at Balasar’s feet as massive rats swarm him.

There is no time to waste. We must be catching up to our prey. I flank the nearest vermin between myself and the copperborn, cutting it down easily. The strange elf pounces on another.

I yell for them to run.

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