The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 48

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #48

The large black stone floating in the air is not magical nor is the area. As soon as I had mentioned it to Lithia she had the elf and I bring her to this room. As much as I want to worry about what it could be based on our battle with Novak, my focus is on Prince Amon.

He seems conflicted since receiving the gem from Cindermaw. It as if it is changing him. The lantern incident has not sat well with him. Earlier he really was not giving the attention needed to the problem at hand. Now it seems being taken out so quickly by our hooded friends has really landed him deep in contemplation.

Not too long ago he was the answer I was looking for, the man to take down The Restless Hand. First he stopped myself and those thugs I traveled with, even agreed to take me under his custody after my trial. When learning Novak had brought war to his own land he promised to help me end him.

But after that battle and retrieving the Sunbreaker gem Amon seems to be lost. With that, he had also learned that everything he had knew of battle was a lie. The cold reality of how life can be has settled hard on him.

Maybe it is too much for his innocent heart?

It has myself questioning my decision to help him protect those who cannot defend themselves. For one, I know that the way of honor and righteousness sometimes is not the way. Maybe Prince Frost is realizing this. Maybe Amon thinks he does not have the stomach for the bloodshed it sometimes takes to defend the weak.

Caught up in my thoughts I have not even realized we are back at the door where I ran into the old man. As a lock my gaze on him he trembles in fear.

Good. He would do well to remember that feeling.

As Balasar ties the would be guard up we enter the room. The stench of death is strong enough to take your breath away. In front of us are are skeletal remains laid across a few tables. I know that usually leads to trouble.

I grab a decent size stone from the floor and begin to smash the skulls before the dead can react. To my surprise, it is something alive that catches my attention just on the opposite side of the tables. I yell at the hooded figure to show itself. When it makes no move to do so everyone moves in to capture them.

Just as we do it leaps to it’s feet and runs straight to the wall behind it, hands outstretched to stop the forward momentum. And in an instant the wall rotates to allow the person to pass through.

Damnit. I should have known that was going to happen.

Before we can give chase the room begins to violently shake. Blocks falls from the ceiling. Another earthquake has hit Red Larch. My mind tell me to give chase but heart tells me I cannot let anything bad happen to the others.

Fearing we will be crushed in the rubble we run for the opening at the jail. Rushing through the door first, the powerful Balasar grabs up the old man in his claws and leads the way. Though he maybe in the wrong, there is no need to let him die down here. As soon as we clear the room dust chases us down the corridor.

Only the room was rigged.

Brilliant. Now we have no way of knowing what was beyond that secret door and worse, who was under that hood. Once again, a mysterious hooded figure and no answers to why this secret hideout was under the town.

Could this day get any worse?

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