The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 50

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #50

A day and a half into our journey North to Mirabar and still no sign of the elf. My guess is this path was not his to take. By his actions and what few words he spoke defending the surrounding area around Red Larch was his mission. It is comforting to know there is another besides Lothric to keep an eye out for trouble.

I will not lie, it would have been helpful to have him along for the journey. Surely with his knowledge of the wild he could teach me how to be silent among the woods. As I stalk yards off the road he could have flanked the other side of the wagon. Another set of watchful eyes is always needed. Maybe we will see him upon our return to town.

Creeping through the brush and twigs I notice a lone figure ahead setting just off the road. Knowing that Henry is always watching, I give the signal to slow down to give me time to approach the potential foe from behind.

They do not move a muscle as I get within bow shot. I take caution with my aim to make sure the arrow will land just a foot or two beside them. Even if I did want to cause harm I doubt much damage would be done by looking at the armor this one wears. The sword strapped across the back says they are skilled at defending themselves.

The arrow hits it’s mark, snapping them from their thoughts. They quickly leap to their feet at the ready, head turning from left to right, looking for my position with a flail in hand. When it becomes obvious that he cannot locate me he hastily grabs his pack and heads south down the road, right to the wagon.

Once he is within a stone’s throw away Henry brings the wagon to a halt. Before he can greet the traveler Lithia introduces herself, unfortunately, as the leader of the party. The dwarf follows suit and gives Balasar an introduction as well. The distraction is what I need to sneak quietly from behind. Keeping the same distance as the wagon to his backside I take aim. My presence still goes unnoticed.

His name is Randal Dundragon. Traveling from the North he plans to set up a up a church of Pelor back at Red Larch. After hearing about the recent troubles there he has hopes to help the townspeople and it’s defenders.

Lithia informs the priest that the residents are safe by our own hands. She reassures the facts by adding there are those remaining behind to insure that it remains that way. He insists that a healer would be a good addition. My allies press the issue that Red Larch is good hands.

Walking past Randal I reinforce their words as I place my arrow back in the quiver. Meeting his steel gaze reveals he got the message.

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