The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 53

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #53

I do not mind sleeping on the floor, the gods know I have slept on worse. Last night as I gazed into the sky toward the direction of Red Larch, Lithia approached from the hamlet and asked if I would accompany her back to Mirabar for the night. I was glad to and more so when she offered to pay for half the room. It seems she is starting to change for the better.

Also I am curious where she got the gold for her half seeing how she was leeching Amon’s coin purse.

Setting up I feel the ache in my bones from the unforgiving floor boards but to my surprise they offer a gift. A letter from someone named Lamoram. It apologizes for coming off wrong yesterday. The stranger informs us that we share a common friend, a warrior of his god. He invites us to the temple so we can put the misunderstanding to rest so all can move forward with today.

It is stamped with a golden sun.

Recently I have been quick to judge those I do not know, it is a lesson I have been willing to learn. Yesterday it seems to have paid off as the Temple of Pelor has offered their help against The Bringers of Woe. Waking Muun from her slumber we quickly gather our gear and head there.

Upon arriving none slow our entrance, once again proving this place is open to all who enter without judgment. As expected, the priests move from patient to patient offering the warmth of their healing magic. I noticed some had remained here from yesterday, others are new. It is a good sign that those here and their deity are true to their word to help those in need. Also, it is a sign that our common problem needs to be confronted.

A voice off to the side takes me away from my inner thoughts. I am shocked to what I see, a dark elf! I try to retain my composure, all in this area of Faerun have heard tales of drow doing goodly deeds. From my own personal experience in the shadows of Waterdeep I know them to be a vicious and heartless race. Telling myself not to judge him by his appearance, he wears the garments and symbol of all in the temple, I offer the priest the letter.

With a smile he replies that he is Lamoram and is grateful we came, telling us there is much to speak of when it comes to our common foe. The drow gives Lithia and myself the location of the compound along with some useful information. He goes on about Randal Dundragon, how he is a good warrior but a better priest, that it was wise of us to except him.

During this grand speech I notice the dark elf silently and expertly remove Lithia’s coin purse. Maybe my first thoughts were right, Lamoram’s kind have been know to infiltrate organizations of good to further there own evil needs. Before I can blink I draw my cutlass and demand he give it back. With a nod and smile he hands the purse over, congratulating me on having keen eyes, going on to say such will be needed in the task ahead of us.

Before we take our leave I ask if he can offer any type of healing for the upcoming assault. The priest is hard pressed to do so with all the wounded flooding the temple from day to day. Understanding what we are about to face he offers to sell me one. With a price of fifth the gold I am hesitant to do so but I take the deal knowing the coin will help take care of those the church takes in.

As he urges us to make haste to deal with the rogue faction of the Blacken Earth, Lithia shows her true nature despite surprising me last night. She ask Lamoram is breakfast is ready.

With a smile he leads us to the kitchen.

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