The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 57

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #57

Just past the corner from the portcullis a fissure has collapsed this area of the Bringers of Woe’s compound. The bridge across the opening proved safe except for a swarm of bats that did nothing but annoy Balasar as he crossed. With another turn ahead, I sneak forward to come to an open doorway. Remaining unseen, I signal back there are two guards, one on each side of the room.

I rush in as soon as Randal Dundragon is an arm’s length away, charging to my left as he sets off right. I run the unsuspecting human through before he can even lift his shortbow. Before he can fall to the floor I quickly snatch his weapon and use the wall for cover. It seem luck favors myself and the cutlass this night over our foes.

Not a handful of heartbeats later an arrow flies from down the hallway the guard was posted at, striking Dundragon in the back. From the opposite hallway another flies out, piercing Balasar’s armor. Both arrows are a followed by streaking bolts of flame, but not like Lithia Muun’s, more like that of Novak’s dark magic. The guard is dispatched just quick enough for the priest to block with his shield.

The paladin is not so fortunate as he’s engulfed by a wicked spell. Our mage answers the volley with a spell of her own, hurling the fire down the hallway behind the copperborn. The unsuspecting shriek lets us know it was a direct hit.

Notching an arrow as I step out into the hallway noticing two figures in the room beyond. One of them is cloaked which was the only sign needed. The arrow flies true right into the open hood. Hands quickly come up to grab at the arrow before the caster falls to the stone floor. It seems luck is still on my side this night.

The other figure marches into the hallway toward my direction. It is an animated skeleton. Great. At least it is not a zombie.

I hate zombies.

I step back against the side of the doorway and pull another arrow from the dead guard’s quiver. Across the room at the other doorway the remaining mage has emerged with another skeleton in tow. Seeing my friends have the situation handled I wait for the skeleton to come through.

A few heartbeats later it does, and to my surprises, clawing at it me as soon as it makes the doorway. Being too close to use the bow I punch out, feeling the crunch of its teeth as I connect with its jaw. Again, it swipes with his skeletal hands. I manage to deflect one but the other scratches me across the face.

Everything goes black for a moment as a blast of fire crashes into it’s back.

As my sight returns the skeleton is still stumbling to my right from Lithia’s spell. Grabbing my handaxe, I swing it wide to the right, splintering the skull and sending the undead staggering back to my left. Out comes my shortsword from that direction taking it’s head clean from its spine.

I offer our mage a nod of thanks.

With all the enemies dispatched, a quick search of the adjoining two rooms reveals a pantry and kitchen. Both rooms have fresh food and used utensils. With the way my luck is going, hopefully that means the Bringers of Woe are here but I am sure they are the least of our problems.

The doors leading us further into the compound has been smashed to pieces, half of one remains on its hinges.

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