The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 58

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal
Entry #58

Through the busted doors the hall goes left and right. The priest takes the lead, stepping through the destruction and heading to the right. We quietly make our way down the hallway for up ahead the hall turns one way.

My ears pick up a faint sound. Was that someone screaming off in the distance? No one else seemed to notice. It is probably just the wind from the fissure opening howling through the halls. I am just too tense and my mind must being playing tricks on me. All I need to do is relax and take a deep breath.

Quick stepping ahead of Randal I look around the corner, it is clear except for another turn is a dagger’s toss away. I silently move in and then the smell hits me, a scent so strong is can only be one thing.

Rotting death.

The corner leads to a room full of carnage beyond anything I have ever seen. Bodies litter the floor, ripped to pieces by either pure strength or with shredding teeth. Limbs and torsos hang from the walls and ceiling. Both dried and fresh blood paint the entire room. It takes Lithia all she has to hold back the vomit. What could do something like this?

Then we see it. Every head in here belongs to an orc or half breed.

Why were they targeted?

I am being singled out?

Dundragon pushes past Balasar and myself, his face is a mask of disgust and rage. He marches back down the hallway, past the broken doors and takes the left. Just past them he finds the Bringer of Woe’s bunks. I take note that another broken set of doors is off to the right.

A low growl of frustration come from the priest. We have found the sleeping quarters of the Bringers. Seeing a chest at the foot of each bunk we cannot pass up the opportunity to find something helpful. I hand Randal a crowbar as the copperborn and mage take watch.

Besides the always useful gold, we come across a leather bound journal. Within it we find important information. First, the Bringers of Woe have joined the Crushing Wave. From the People of the Blackened Earth we had learned that they are of the water element. That makes three of the four elemental cults The Restless Hand have on their side.

Second, there are some entries about dark magics transforming some beast. That has Novak written all over it which worries me. I think back to the room with all the blood and limbs we had just left. It reminds me of Krypt Garden Forest and what we had encountered there in that bastard’s lair.

The destroyed doors.

The faint scream.

If I was a betting man I would put all my coin on what I heard was not the wind.

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