The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 61

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #61

The screaming in my ears is deafening, the life is being crushed from me. I barely manage to brace my feet against the belly of the monstrous orc, pushing back with all the leverage I can to break free.

Being stuck between it and the massive zombie I dash out of harms way to reach for one of the healing potions, quickly popping the cork. As soon as the warm magical energy seals my wounds this abomination sprints at me, screaming hate with every step. It’s cries are answered with a bolt of fire. Though it staggers to the side just a step, it never takes it’s intense gaze from me, it never stops screaming.

The sprint ends with a swinging massive fist. I dart to my right, going underneath the attack as the wall behind me cracks from the shear force of the blow. I stab up into the armpit with the ebon blade and bury my handaxe in its shoulder. It shows no signs of pain, no signs of slowing.

There is only the hateful screaming.

Another magical attack crashes into its back. The only reaction to it is the scream. Being so close it is all I can hear. Not Balasar’s roar, not Randal’s battle prayers, not ancient words Lithia speaks to summon her magic. Only the scream.

I try to dash away but again, it snatches me up in its powerful arms, this time pinning one of my own. It pierces through my armor and skin with shredding teeth. Now a scream of my own escapes my lips, one of pain.

Another bolt of fire slams into the beast causing it to bite down even harder. I lash out with the ebon blade once, then twice to the shoulder. It’s corrosive property brings discomfort, giving me the opportunity needed to escape. I continue to move away to the right and see a welcoming site, the zombie falls dead to the floor.

I throw my handaxe at this mockery of my kind, focusing on the area that Lithia’s spells has been greatly damaging. Turning to face me, it lets loose that awful scream of hate. I step backwards, tossing a dagger to taunt the beast. Pounding its fists to the floor, the charge is filled with blind rage and is exactly what I was planning for with my tactic.

Without caring to put itself in danger at my expense it moves between the priest and paladin to kill me. With well placed blows they manage to slow the orc to a stumble. The brute goes crashing down as another spell from the mage crashes into it’s head. Sidestepping from the fall, I manage to stab it in the neck for good measure.

Finally, the abomination is no more.

As I pull another potion of healing I overlook the body. What was the purpose of this creature? Why would it pierces it’s skin with barbs and spikes, placing torn limbs upon them? Most curious of all, how are all these eyes growing from it? Those disturb me more than the sight of the thing or the power it displayed.

Feeling that they are watching my every step despite the orc not breathing, I take the ebon blade and beginning bursting them one by one.

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